Thursday, February 28, 2008

Glamorous underthings

So, Valentine's Day has come and gone, and all us single girls survived without any visible scarring. Around that time Yes, the weekly fashion supplement of the Arizona Republic, did a spread on lingerie with an Old Hollywood glamour feel. I thought it was pretty good, but they did a poor job on giving information on where to buy everything. So, that's what I'm doing for you. All credit goes to Yes for the photos and styling and whatnot.

This slip is just as glamorous as something designed by Vera Wang should be. Satin and lace short gown, $78, in the color green tea.

Oscar de la Renta blush chemise with black and white polka dots, $68. I love the polka-dots along the hem, too.

See, the thing that kills me about this shoot is that a lot of the lingerie is so great, but you can't find it online and, uh, there isn't a Dillard's in New York. I don't know if maybe Yes just labeled it wrong, because they claim this is the "Satin Doll" bra and skirt set from Cassandra Intimates, but this is what has under that name. Sort of similar, but it misses the plaid and fun skirt that totally make the original set. If you like it anyway, the bra is $24, the garter belt is $14, and the g-string is $9.

Another similar option from the same label is the Cosmopolitan set, $26 for the bra and $29 for the skirt. This is a bad lingerie set if you're into wearing pants, though.

Here's another great set that Yes claims is available at Dillards but you can't buy online. I saw a listing for it on a British lingerie website, in a slightly different color, but it's listed as out of stock. Poorly played, Yes. Well, if it was possible to buy it the bra would be 7 pounds and the knickers would be 3 pounds.

Oh, wait you guys! I think I just bought this bra last night from Urban Outfitters, but didn't realize it because they only had it in black. This looks like the same thing, right? Try to ignore the fugly model's greasy hair... The Chatelaine bra is available, in black, for $12.99 at Urban Outfitters.

So, those were the ones from the spread I really liked, and you can see the rest here.

While I'm on the subject of hot underwear, I really want this set from the Gap. You can't really see the details, but the bright pink with white polka-dot parts of the bra and panties are pleated! I'm a sucker for fun details like that. And they both just went on sale. The Pretty Pleated bra is $29.99 and the thong is $6.99.


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Anonymous said...

The Cassandra Satin Doll collection also has a plaid version. Cassandra is unique in the detail it shows in its products. I love, for example, the scalloped lace edging on the bra. And now it's even on sale!