Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Woman's Place

Hey, so guess what??

I'm not dead! I only have so many places to shop that don't begin with www., unlike my fabulous NYC counterparts who attend class, put on their stiletos and hit the streets, I am, alas, living in a world of colonial reinactors. If I want to go buy a bolt of flowery silk, all I have to do is walk down the street to the Prentice Shop.

Thus, I am forced to be a little creative. Let's get political, y'all.

So I kinda think that Hillary Clinton is the most brilliant bitch I've ever seen. I sort of love her and the fact that she doesn't take crap from anyone but isn't afraid to shed some feminine tears. But you know that she could burn any terrorist alive with her death glare alone--and, let's face it, girlfriend has been dressing much better lately. Lots of pretty, complementary jewelry makes watching political debates a little more interesting. Okay, not Oscars or Golden Globes interesting, but it's better than seeing farty old men wearing the same blue shirt and red tie.

I haven't been drinking the Obama Crazy Obsessive College Student punch, sorry. Someone else is going to have to find some Obama junk, because I can't even look at the man without thinking he looks like Lord Voldemort with hair, but that's beside the point. YES WE CAN kill the mudbloods and halfbreeds! YES WE CAN divide my soul and stash the horcruxes strategically around the White House! YES WE CAN take over your school and beat up your Neville Longbottoms!

Oh no you can't! 'Cause my girl's got the Elder Wand--or at least some quality merchandising going on.

My personal favorites from from Bill For First Lady, and all of them are available in different t-shirt styles and buttons and hats...

A Woman's Place is in the House!

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Bill For First Lady

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For the politically saucy...

We Need a Real Bush in the House

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Most of these run between $12-$20, and they're created through Cafepress.

In the end, it doesn't really matter who you support--just support them! The Democratic race is going to be so close, and so important!!

Just remember what happened to the boy who was good, and brave, and kind, because he strayed onto the wrong campaign trail and went up against the Dark Lord himself. Remember John Edwards.


Danielle Blanchett said...

1. The "We Need a Real Bush in the White House" shirt is freakin' hilarious!

2. Obama does NOT look like Lord Voldemort! I see no resemblance whatsoever!

3. If you want some of that Obama Crazy Obsessive College Student punch... there's plenty here to go around.

Andrea Winslet said...

So I have sipped the Obama Punch, but I sort of need all those shirts.