Sunday, February 17, 2008

First taste of Etsy

I used to tease Danielle about spending all of her time looking at the original crafts and jewelry at Etsy, but now, of course, I'm addicted too. It started when I wanted to find an anchor necklace (which is a subject for a later post), and then spent my whole Saturday night looking at shadowbox art. I ended up getting this beautifully displayed monarch, although it took me 2 hours to decide between it, and two other framed butterflies:

Danielle also got this vintage brooch from the same seller (so we saved on shipping).

I want to have a bunch of crazy, eclectic shadowboxes and dioramas for my library when I have floor to ceiling bookshelves. I can put scatter them among my thousands of books to add some frivolity to the room.

You can't buy the monarch or the brooch (since they're one of a kind, psh), but you can check out similar things from the seller, Dulcet. The shadowbox with three butterflies is $35, and the gold frame with multiple butterflies is $55.

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