Tuesday, February 12, 2008


It may be, at press time, 23 degrees in New York City, and the heat may not be working in my building, and I may be periodically blasting myself with my hair dryer to stay warm, but I can't stop thinking about spring shopping.

Right now, the pair of black skinny Citizens I wore all winter seem totally boring. I'm sick of my olive green J. Crew coat. Enough with the neutrals. This spring, I just want to buy the brightest, most exciting things out there.

Like, for example, this Classiques cotton coat. I love the details like the Peter Pan collar and the cuffed 3/4 length sleeves, but my favorite thing about this coat is its color: cheery, just-bright-enough yellow (it comes in black, too. Puh, puh. Yellow's where it's at).

Or how about this Echo headband? Even though I wish it were acceptable to wear an actual turban, Elizabeth Taylor style, I think this is as much as I would be able to get away with. It comes in eight two-tone colors, so you can wear a different one
and feel like a femme fatale everyday.

Here's a bag that packs a double-punch of bright and metallic: Hayden-Harnett's Positano Gilded Clutch. It's gorgeous, ornate, and a little over the top. It's an Alpha-Clutch. It also comes in emerald and black.

Finally, the Coriander Hat by Nancy Gamon. In truth, it's reversible, but this side is so fun that I'd never want to switch it. Imagine wearing it with a pair of white jeans, a pale blue tank top, an armful of gold bangles, and metallic sandals: totally effortless-chic.

Classiques cotton coat, $298; Echo satin headband, $30; Hayden-Harnett satin clutch, $110; Nancy Gamon cotton hat, $45.

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Julia York said...

Our freezing bedroom must have put us on the same wavelength, because I just found $2000 worth of yellow clothing and accessories at J.Crew that I'm going to post about as soon as I get home. Yay, spring!
PS: It's snowing outside right now.