Friday, February 22, 2008

Oh my God, where did you get that? New Zealand, actually.


It's actually more likely that your first question would be "What is that?"

Let me back up a little bit. When I was getting ready to jet off to New Zealand, the orientation packing list suggested that we bring a sleeping bag. It's a good suggestion if you have a high-tech sleeping bag that rolls up to fit in your Nalgene or whatever or if you plan to do a lot of tramping and camping. However, as a day hike sort of girl, I decided against the sleeping bag and instead folded up a set of sheets, a cotton blanket and my pillow to pad out my big suitcase. Even though my bedding got sort of dirty at orientation, I was probably the happiest person in the city of Wellington when I didn't have to run to the store the first night to pick up sheets (or keep using a sleeping bag). I figured I'd pick up another blanket or comforter when the weather got a bit colder, but I was a little cold even the first night. Too bad, I thought. Then I'd have to go back to the fabric store on Lambton Quay where I'd petted the nice fleece blanket with a kiwi print. How sad!

Great things about my blanket:

-It's from New Zealand. Automatic in the plus column.
-It's extra-soft in the way that 100% polyester things are when you first buy them, before they get all gross and start pilling.
-It makes my ridiculously spartan room look so nice.

Seriously, I do have other things in my room besides magnetic poetry, a few books and a travel alarm clock. But not a lot.

Price: $20. Which might be unnecessarily pricey, but if you keep in mind that the 12% GST is included in all prices and the NZ dollar is equivalent to about 80 U.S. cents, it's pretty much free!

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Julia York said...

Whoa, your room is so white it makes my eyes hurt. But that is an awesome blanket, and I'm so glad you're posting!