Sunday, February 10, 2008

Urban Warriors

Any one who wants to hate on Old Navy has to answer to me. Sure, I wouldn't want to work there (the stores are so warehouse-y), but there's no shame in shopping there. It would be a not great thing, though, if someone were to ask, "Oh my god, where did you get that?" while you're wearing your new Old Navy dress, since it's so much cooler to be able to say, "Oh just this little boutique in the West Village." But hey, a compliment is a compliment, especially when it's on something you bought on clearance.

Just last week I got a lot of compliments about an Old Navy clutch I bought after Christmas, which I can unfortunately no longer find online. It's a greyish, slightly green velvet, but what makes it awesome is that the velvet is sort of gathered in the middle so there are all these fun folds. It is also the perfect size to put slips of paper in, in case you're playing Celebrities or Charades and don't have a hat handy.

But, full disclosure: as my velvet clutch was being passed around the circle, one of the guys said, "I like this. It kind of reminds me of a vagina. But then, everything reminds me of a vagina." And then he stuck his face in the open top and faked cunnilingus, and I knew I could never use that clutch again.

This post is about shoes, not bags, but I have one more thing from Old Navy I want to share. Cute purse, right? At first I wasn't sure about whether it was too much of a designer rip-off; it's quilted like a Chanel bag and the shape makes me think of a Coach bag. But I think the color and it's overall simpleness makes it enough of an original design. And it's on sale, for $16.50! I have oodles of purses that I never use, but I might have to get another because I really like this.

Anyway, on to the main event, the shoes. Right now I'm happily stomping around the city in my boots, tights and a dress, but when it gets warmer I'll want something a little lighter on my lower half. That's where gladiator sandals come in. I've long been an devotee of flip flops, first of the black J.Crew variety (which are a timeless classic, especially in the thicker wedge) and then of the leather Rainbows variety (At first I was like, why would I spend $45 on flip flops when I get them for a couple bucks everywhere else? But believe the hype, Rainbows are incredibly comfortable, so durable, and very cute in the "I'm not trying very hard" way).

And while flip flops with a dress can be very cute, sometimes you want to take it up a notch, but not to the heights that heels with a dress would take you. Look at how cute, casual yet chic Hayden Panettiere looks in her gladiator sandals:
You can see more photos of her and her shoes here, since she apparently wears them a lot. Hers are by Coach a few years ago, but Old Navy has a bunch of new sandals for spring that I think are just as cute. I haven't tried them on, and it's very possible they'll fall apart after a month, but they're $19.50, don't be so demanding.

I love these first ones (which also come in black); they're a very literal interpretation of the gladiator sandal and have kind of a tough edge with the metal gormmets and rings. I think they'd also look great with jeans as well as dresses. Plus, the straps are 100% leather, which is good if you hate cows as much as I do.

Next are these metallic braided sandals, which are little less Russel Crowe and a little more J. Lo. I like the bronze but they also come in pewter (which really is silver) and a brighter gold.

These are the suede ankle-strap sandals. I think these are a bit more casual, like for going to the local farmer's market or maybe some free benefit concert. I guess I think they're hippie shoes, but in a good way. The version with pink straps would maybe up the wow factor a little.

These aren't really gladiator sandals, but they're still a big step up from regular flips. I'm planning on bringing them to my next trip to Capri.

Finally, here's a minimalist t-strap sandal that comes in five colors, all with fun names like "champagne," "banana crepe," and "koala blue." This is "admiral blue."

So, in conclusion: I want it to be warm enough to wear sandals so I can give Old Navy all my money.

ON quilted hobo purse, $16.50
J.Crew classic wedge flip flops, $16.50
Rainbow flip flops,$43.99-47.99
Old Navy sandals, $19.50 except the t-straps, which are $16.50

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