Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Delias, WTF?

Who shops at Delias after getting their driver's license? I mean, seriously, this store is exclusively for tacky girls in their early teens.

So why did I just spent a good chunk of money ordering clothes from their website? Is it because I'm online shopping at 2 am and am destined to make a decision I regret? Or is it because they actually might not be that bad?

Either way, this is all Danielle's fault. A few hours ago she im-ed me a photo of this dress, saying, "I know you'll like this." It's jersey! With a babydoll waist and tie! In a pretty blue! I did indeed like it, enough to ask her to send me the link to the site. And then, after deciding this dress is too long to work on me, I started poking around the rest of the site and found waaaay too much cute stuff that is probably poorly made and won't fit.

Here's what I bought:
Carmen peep-toe heels, $14.99. Sure, the suede is fake and the bottom is pvc, but it's 15 bucks! What do you want?

Dietrich dress, $29.99
I feel like this cream bib dress is totally something Miss Blair Waldorf would wear, so I had to get it.

Bridgette dress, $29.99
When I was in Laguna Beach last summer I tried on a really similar dress, except I believe it was in shades of blue. And I really loved the dress but it was too expensive, and I still think about it from time to time... so hopefully this imitation can live up to the original.

Elizabeth dress, $44.50
This red, strapless dress is so Marilyn Monroe that I had to get it. I'm hoping I'll be able to dress it down with a white or cream cardigan so I can wear it in everyday life, instead of saving it for when the upstairs neighbor gets the 7 year itch. I think it'll help that instead of a zipper it has a smocked back-- even if no one knows it's a throw-on dress.

Audrey dress, $39.50
A teal shirtdress! I love it. I hope it won't look too busy when I put it on; I don't usually go in for all that pin-tucking and buttons up top.

Taylor halter dress, $14.99
At first I wasn't gonna get this, because I thought it might veer too close to the type of dress you buy when you're in 3rd grade and need a "party dress" for your cupcake-themed birthday party. Lace underlay? I don't know, man. But it's 15 bucks, and you just don't say no to any marginally cute dress that's 15 bucks.

Maria trench, $54.50
First, how cute is this model? I want to buy everything she wears, no matter what kind of poly-spandex shit it's made of. I think she kind of looks like Rachel McAdams, but Danielle disagrees. Anyway, I wanted a bright spring coat and this red number totally does the trick.

Did anyone else really want to be a Delias model when they were young? They were all so cute and just a little bit older, so you could believe that in 3 years you'd be just as tall and long-legged and fabulously coiffed as them (of course, this came true for Alex, lucky girl, while Danielle and I stayed short. Our hair is pretty good). They all look like adorable ballet dancers and I'm still a little jealous. I mean, how cute is this girl? I want to stroll down a cobblestone street in a white eyelet dress with my hair in loose curls and flowers in my purse!

Jesus, I'm 21 years old. I should not be shopping at Delias.

Also, sidenote, I decided to order a size up from what I usually wear since I think this stuff runs small (is it juniors? probably). And, I figure, if it comes and is too big I'll be happy, where as if I ordered it in my regular sizes and it fit too tight, I would be sad. So I'm covering my bases.


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