Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Coralie Suede Heels

Oh, HELL YES:From J.Crew, the Coralie Suede Heels, $99, are the best and brightest shoes I've ever seen. I have a feeling that turquoise is going to be very hot for spring-- it could be the new purple. And suede, while traditionally a fall fabric, is gloriously reimagined for warmer weather. J.Crew is having an extra 30% off sale, so use the code EXTRA30 and get these babies for $70.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Topshop in NY

Topshop is opening it's first US store on April 2nd, and the women of New York are collectively losing their shit in anticipation. I'm no different; there's a Topshop van driving around downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn, giving away free tote bags, some of which have gift cards, and I've made it my mission to find the van. Last night, I was at dinner when I saw, through the window, the Topshop van drive by. I literally left the table to run outside and chase the fan all the way around the block-- but I didn't catch it. There's a GPS tracker online, but it isn't be updated very often, and I know that I'm only going to stumble upon it when I stop looking for it.

Anyway, I'm not sure if all this hype over Topshop will be worth it. While it's a big deal in the UK for its trendy clothes at low prices, the exchange rate doesn't make it a bargain for us Americans. While I've never seen the clothing in person and am not an expert, I have a feeling the clothes will be the same level of quality and style as H&M, but at a higher price point.

For example, this Print Empire Frill Dress is 100% cotton, machine washable, cute but not groundbreaking-- it would be under $20 at Forever 21. At Topshop, it's $70 and I doubt it's worth it.

But that doesn't mean I won't be coverting all their adorable sundresses, like this Broderie Tie Dress, $80 (for $80 bucks, this better not be sheer). The flirty eyelet fabric and thin waist tie equal a perfect white summer dress. Add a pair of stand-out wedges in a bright hue like green or blue, and enjoy the sun.

This Pleat Tie Waist Dress, $110 (yeah, right), is a great choice for a day-into-night look. The demure pleated top works for a casual office, and the sophisticated color and short length makes it hot enough for a night out. Sidenote: I also really like how on the Topshop website, they divide their dresses into three categories: Sundresses, Day Dresses, and Going Out Dresses. What other kinds of dresses do you need, right?

I'd be willing to pay a bit more for coats, although this Puff Sleeve Coat is too impractical for $110. And yet, it's undeniably charming, with a light mint color (so fresh for spring!) and dress-like coat. I wonder why a 100% cotton dress needs to be dry-cleaned, though.

I got a pair of gold sandals from Target last summer, and they are close to falling completely apart. These HARRY Plaited Two Part Sandals, $32, might be the perfect replacement. I don't know why these are so reasonably priced, since they're 100% leather and have a quality cushioned footbed and low heel, but I'm not complaining about it. No question, these are the sort of shoes you reach for day after day once the weather hits 75 degrees. And also, I like how they're not super-trendy or overly-gladiator; they won't look dated by 2010 but they're also not boring. Well done, Topshop.

Earlier today, my friend Madelyn and I were talking about how it's always awkward to take a purse to concerts, because it falls off your shoulder and hits the person next to you and makes dancing awkward, and the solution is a hip, small-ish cross-body bag. This Leather Stud Detail Bag, $55, has a nice long strap and a perfectly sized body, with some badass studs and a subtle brown leather color. Exactly what I need.

I love the idea of getting luggage from Topshop, and I can't quite explain why. Part of it is that buying British luggage is as chic as it gets, and part of it is that no one would expect you to buy luggage from Topshop. Another part is that this SILVER SNAKESKIN AND ARGYLE!! The Snake Patchwork Trolley, $145, is the fiercest thing I've ever seen-- it's so awesome that I would get excited to go to the baggage claim and get my hot luggage.

Growing up in Arizona, I became a bit anti-turquoise because there were about fifty shops in Old Town Scottsdale that sold ugly turquoise jewelry to tourists. But now I appreciate how bright and whimsical turquoise jewelry can be. Case in point: this Facet Stone Flower Ring, $25. This would go fabulously with the white dress from the beginning of the post, and the brown leather cross-body bag.

I own a few nightgowns, but I tend to sleep in pajama shorts from Old Navy (circa 2001) and giant t-shirts from sleepaway camp. However, I love the idea of being a classy lady and sleeping in a whole pajama set, like this Pintuck French Knicker, $20 (knickers, you guys! So much more fun than boxers!), camisole, $36, and bed jacket, $44. Ok, the bed jacket might be a little too precious for me, but the whole set--in light peach with adorable little bows throughout-- is what I imagine Marie Antoinette would wear if she were transplanted into the 21st century.

If I were the sort of person who could spend $145 on a swimsuit top, this is the one I'd get: the Fleur T Dotty Frill Balconette is hot as hell but not a smidge trashy. Boobs of all shapes and sizes look good in this style bikini top (probably because it's basically a fancy bra that you can get wet), but the polka dot print with gingham trim is totally Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island-- so wholesome that you don't realize how badly Gilligan wants to get in your swimsuit bottoms.

From the sale section: Bright red Tartan Tights, $10? Paging Blair Waldorf! I don't imagine that the NY store will have a sale section for at least a few months, which is too bad-- there's some major price slashing going on at the website, and I approve.

But let's be honest: Topshop fever wouldn't be half as strong without the Kate Moss Factor. Sometimes she looks like a hot mess, and who knows how much designing she actually does, but we all want a piece of her effortless and original, always imitated never duplicated, style. Her spring/summer line won't be out until April 2nd, but they have a little preview on the website with these pieces.
The black dress on the far left is 80's but not kitschy-- perfect for the Downtown It Girl. The gold dress next to it is my favorite, and I covet it beyond words. I'm also loving the blue w/ red flowers camisole on the right. Kate Moss worked with Liberty Art Fabrics, which is famous for its iconic prints, which tend to be whimsical yet distinctly British. Can't wait to brave the crowds of aggressively stylish New York women to get a look at these pieces in person on April 2nd!

Oh yeah, and they give a 10% discount to students, so don't forget to bring your college ID! And if you're not in New York, the website has a flat shipping rate of $15-- pretty reasonable.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Blazers for Spring

I'm dying to have a navy blue cropped blazer with oversized gold buttons--I think it'll be the perfect addition to my growing work wardrobe, but I also want it to be frivolous enough to look cute with spring dresses. I haven't found the right one yet, but here are a few that come close.

From Urban Outfitters, the byCorpus (what's with the capitalization? Who do you think you are, bell hooks?) Harlow Blazer is a steal at $39.99-- although it's only available in size large. I love the black trim, and the adorable schoolboy cut. I'm all about the blazers that look like they could be part of the Gossip Girl costumes. If only it had big gold buttons, instead of one tiny black button.

On the other hand, this Delias Camilla Cropped Jacket, $24.99 (but also only available in size L and XL), has some great buttons but isn't a blazer-- I think I'd look pretty silly wearing a peacoat inside, so this won't quite work. The faux-millitary details on the side are cute, though, and I dig the mid-length sleeves.

This is pretty much my dream blazer, and not just because it was featured in Lucky: from Ralph Lauren (who does better blazers? I mean, if it's good enough for Olympic athletes, it's good enough for me), the Tirana Crested Blazer, $99.99, is preppy perfection. The RL crest on the front is so classic I could weep--I'd love to wear this and pretend that I spend the weekends riding a horse named Hayden at my parent's country estate.

If I can't get a navy blazer, I'll settle for a white one. This American Eagle Boyfriend Blazer, $59.50, is nicely crisp and fresh. It's the sort of jacket that inspires you to impulsively run through sprinklers. The lining inside is pinstripes, too-- very classy.

Monday, March 23, 2009

American Apparel Spring Dresses

Sometimes I really hate American Apparel, and this is a perfect example why (totally NSFW and NSFL). If you don't want to click, it's a mesh dress modeled by a completely naked girl who looks like one of the Slovakians at the end of Hostel. I don't need to see some child bride's nipples, and I certainly don't need a dress that's 100% see-through and 100% tacky. No, American Apparel. That's enough.

And yet... they have some other really cute, normal dresses! Sure, they're all just a smidge too short, and all of the models look unhappy and malnourished, but the dresses are cute nonetheless. I've been dying for a cute shirtdress, and this Pinpoint Oxford Shirt Dress, $62, is just about perfect.

AA is very into the "you can wear it different ways!" trend, but that tends to mean, "One cute way, and four ugly ways." Who wants to wear the weird nightgown look modeled on the far right? She looks like one of the Darling children in Peter Pan, and not Wendy. However, since I'm all about the waist, I approve of the middle look, and the left one isn't bad either. It also comes in Oxford blue, so you can rock the complete classic button-down look.

My other favorite is the Poplin Cross-Front Dress, $36. First I have to give them credit for matching the red belt (not included, sadly) with the turquoise dress-- it takes a pretty basic dress and makes it a standout piece. But I also like the simple, always flattering cut, and that underneath the belt is an elastic waistband. These types of low-cut shirts are fabulously sexy, too, because guys really have to work to get a glimpse of your cleavage; it's not like regular V-necks, where everything is on display. The sleeves are cute, too, and give it a bit of a kimono feel. And, since it's poplin, it won't be totally see-through like all of AA's jersey dresses.

Also, for those of you in possession of March Vogue, could you do me a favor and flip to page 349 (it's the article about Europeans shopping in the US and how they're totally better at it than we are), and tell me if you think the purple AA dress on the left is the same as this one. I can't decide, because while the gathered waist and cross-front neckline are the same, the shade of purple on the website is a lot brighter than in the magazine, and it almost looks like there's a stripe of darker purple along the neckline in the magazine (although that could be a shadow). Vogue, you need to be more precise in their descriptions! It's not far to feature a $36 dress and then not give me the proper clues to track it down.

Moving on: I posted about the Le Sac dress, $38, before, but I continue to be amazed at how great it can look tied one way and how ridiculous it looks tied another. The seafoam dress looks glamorous enough for a movie premiere or spring wedding, while the orchid dress makes me think of auto-asphyxiation, and having to spend all night adjusting your boobs. I do like that you can buy different strings, so you're not stuck with the black.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Simply Vera Paintbrush Skirt and Anthropologie Sound Mooring Skirt

One of my New Year's Fashion Resolutions was to wear skirts more often, and I have to give myself credit for really following through on this one. I think part of it is that I haven't bought a dress (and kept--I've been doing an awful lot of returning lately, including this Target dress and this Modcloth dress) in ages, so that giant section of my closet seems old and tired. My skirt section, however, is full of barely worn yet adorable pieces that are begging to be mixed and matched with equally underworn tops. I've been having fun trying out this new skirt thing, and I bought two new skirts this week that I think will make excellent additions to both my work and play wardrobes.

First, from Kohl's, the Simpy Vera Vera Wang Pleated Paintbrush Skirt, $33.99. I saw it in March Vogue (with HBIC Michelle Obama on the cover) and immediately knew I needed to have it. I don't know if I've ever bought anything featured in Vogue before, but These Economic Times have forced Anna Wintour to feature some poor people clothes, at least for a few pages. Don't worry, she called a $335 turquoise clutch a "steal!" and a "wear-anywhere" piece. Oh, A-Dubs. Vogue just wouldn't be the same if you ever got in touch with reality. Although, I'd very much appreciate it if you stopped letting Plum Skyes write about herself and her fabulous hair/clothes/house/life every month. OMG, Plum Skyes is now able to blowdry her own hair thanks to her fabulous new haircut! What a superwoman! Alert the Profiles in Courage committee! All of us who blowdry our hair every freaking morning will now give Plum Skyes a standing ovation-- or perhaps a tear-inducing slow clap!

Sorry for the diversion. Nothing brings out my sarcastic side like Vogue. I should be thanking A-Dubs for convincing me to visit my local Kohl's, since only the X-Large size is available in line. In store, there were plenty of sizes and I think every single Simply Vera piece was on sale, so I'd advise you to go check it out in person. This skirt is pretty loose, and the back waistband is elasticized, so I'd recommend going a size down. I can't wait to jazz up my boring blue button-down shirt on Monday morning! And I'm going to have to keep a closer eye on what Vera Wang is designing for Kohl's.

The other skirt I bought is from a more usual suspect: Anthropologie. The Sound Mooring Skirt, $49.95 online but $39.95 in stores (although that might have been a mistake just in my local store, since it rang up the higher price and I had to point out the lower price handwritten on the tag), is pure nautical adorableness. I love the crisp blue and white vertical stripes, and the solid blue ribbon belt, although I think it looks cleaner to tie it in a bow in the back. When I tried it on in the store, I paired it with this Plaited Boatneck shirt, $29.95, since I was shopping in a dress and it isn't helpful to see what a skirt looks like when worn topless (unless you work in a topless bar, I guess). They worked smashingly together: the blue of the ribbon and the shirt were right on, and the loose top created a great hourglass shape with the tight waistband and bigger skirt. I probably should have bought the shirt, but $30 is too much for a navy blue tee, even if it does have cute fluttery sleeves and a nice subtle braid on the neckline. So when I went home, and tried it on with a form fitting tank, I was less pleased with the look. The inverted pleats in the front and back tend to open up in weird, unflattering, origami-like ways. You can see it in the model photo, too, so I know it's not just my child-bearing hips that are causing the problem. So I'm planning to bring it back to New York, see what tops I have there that could work, and return it if I can't fix the proportional problem that is making my bottom half look distinctly egg-shaped.

Would it be confusing to tack on some Target news to this post? It makes sense to me because I went to both Kohl's and Target today, so I'm sure you all can follow along. I went to the Target at Pavillion's today, to return the Converse One Star dress that I wasn't in love with, and do some more searching for McQ collection. On luck on that front, but they did have the Felix Rey handbag collection out, which isn't supposed to be out until March 29th (there's a big two-page ad on the very first page of April Lucky Magazine, with annoying Vanessa from Gossip Girl on the cover). I thought it looked great, although it's extremely beachy. Lots of coral prints, and gold shells, and a tote with a huge sequin fish on it. The two clutches were a little more subtle, and very affordable at $19.99. I might have gotten the blue one if I hadn't already decided to get some shoes, but the material felt a bit cheap (which it is, of course), so I passed. They aren't on Target.com yet, but you can see more images here.

The shoes, I had to get, because I've been to three different Targets this week and in each I've gone to the shoe section specifically to visit and try on the Merona Mavis Pump in Metallic Tan, $24.99. The photo doesn't do justice to the best part of these shoes-- the gold thread interwoven into the tweed! Gold tweed is the best, because it takes something really stuffy and old-fashioned and slams it into something ghetto fabulous and always new. The faux-leather trim and demure bow keeps it classy, and the 3 inch heel is no problem to walk in. I would also like to give a shout out to the fellow Target shopper who used her lighter to cut the elastic Target likes to use to tie their shoes together, making them impossible to properly walk in. I wouldn't have bought them if I didn't get the chance to do a test walk, so I guess Target should be thanking her, too.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mining the Shopbop Sale

So I mean to post about this two days ago, but I've been busy doing important spring break stuff like trying to convince my cat not to lie down on my feet while I'm trying to nap, and reading Young Adult books from the library (E. Lockhart, you guys. Seriously, she's the best. Get The Disreputable History of Frankie Landeau-Banks and prepare to be blown away at how far the YA genre has come since Judy Blume, or even since The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants). Shopbop has been an extra 20% off their 70% off sale section with the code 20OFF70, and it ends tonight at midnight Pacific time. It might be over by the time I finish this post, but hey-- the clothes will still be 70% off, so you'll be getting a major deal nonetheless. Here's what I want:

MLH Kiki Ruffle Tier Empire Tank, $88.50, and Dress, $118. I can't choose between these two fabulous pieces! The tank is the perfect compliment to your favorite pair of jeans, and I have a pair of purple shoes that might just match perfectly. The dress is shoulder-to-knee fun, the sort of dress you wear when you know that no matter what, at some point tonight you're going to end up in the very center of the dance floor. The colors are very fun and summer-y, too, and I think the navy blue bodice keeps it from being too in-your-face bright.

I love this top because it's undeniably something that could be in Charlotte York's (imaginary) closet. From Milly, the Clover Lace Bow Camisole, $85.80, is sweet and romantic and all-around lovely. I'd want to pair with with a black pencil skirt and buttoned-up blazer during the workday, and then ditch the jacket after 5, when I want nice guys to buy me drinks. It's only available in size 8, so if you want it and it'll fit, you better pounce fast.

These shoes are very, very far out of my price range, but they sort of go with the top, and they're darling, so: the Jean Paul Gaultier Pearl Mary Janes, $321.00, were originally over a thousand bucks, so you have to respect the deep discount (although they're only availabe in size 8.5, 9.5, and 10). If you think about it, it makes perfect sense to put pearls on Mary Janes, the most ladylike of all the shoes. I love the little detail of the pearls getting smaller on the sides, and the gaps between the pearl strands near the toe gives it a hint of sexiness. The velvet, I'm not so sure about (one little rain puddle and your shoes are done for), but if I had an extra $300 and someone I just had to impress, I would wear these shoes.

This dress has a definite autumn vibe, but cuteness is not seasonal, right? From Nieves Lavi, the Short Sleeve Dress with Belt, $115.50, has a whimsical all-over leaf print and some great tailoring on the bodice and sleeves. I love the fabric cross-over under the bust, and the tie in the back is a great way to define the shape of the dress. I also like how the skirt is split into panels, so the leaf print doesn't quite match up. Good dress for late lunches and other daytime meals.

This Karen Zambos Vintage Couture Rita Dress, $157.50, maybe looks like something you'd wear, ironically, to The Awesome 80's Prom. But, if I'm not mistaken, the name is a nod to the actress who played Anita in West Side Story, and we all know Anita was far superior to drippy, whiney Maria, so now I'm looking at this dress with more appreciative eyes. And, let's be honest, if you wore this to Awesome 80's Prom you'd totally be voted Prom Queen.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fantasy Resort Wear

I think that resort wear is basically a mean joke the fashion industry plays on middle class people (and you can insert the expected comment about These Economic Times and Wall Street vs. Main Street and how the whole world is going to end, etc), but that doesn't mean I'm going to stop lusting over all sorts of vacation-inspired clothes.

I especially want this Diane von Furstenburg Vidal Chevron Stripe Silk Jersey Dress, $298. You could throw this into your suitcase with a toothbrush and a bikini and be done with it, because it's light and fun enough to be worn as a beach cover-up but also substantial and classy enough to be worn to dinner. I especially love the knotted rope at the neckline (since you know I go crazy for anything nautical-inspired), and the sexy keyhole opening on the top. The V shaped stripes are a nice touch, too, for a playful and original look. I mean, it's von Furstenburg: of course it's going to be flawless.

These shoes don't really match this dress, but they do have the same effect of conjuring up white sand beaches and drinks that come with half a pineapple stuck on the glass. From Maud Bowie, the Blue Wedge, $85, has a distinctly tropical gold Bamboo print on a sophisticated blue patent background. The thick straps are more substantial than what you'd usually find on a resort sandal, which means you could easily rock these wedges when you (sadly, reluctantly) return to the city.

I'm a fan of the complicated bathing suit that'll give you insane tan lines-- but only on other people. If I saw someone rocking this Zimmermann Bo Feather Lace Up One Piece, $138, I'd have no choice but to admire their commitment to standing out from the crowd. A strait jacket has never look so sexy, right?

But I tend to get more subdued swimsuits (and cheaper, because any piece of clothing that can't be worn in public isn't worth a substantial amount of money). I really like these two suits from Urban Outfitters: The Despi Tonal Dot Halter Top, $58, and bottom, $58, has a subtle but still youthful polka dot print, and fun details like the knotted halter straps and gathered waistband. (Sidenote: This model's boobs have to be fake, right? How can she have those little boy arms and hips and such an admirable rack? Could be photoshop or stuffing, but either way I'm not buying it.)

The Billabong Piped Halter Top and Boardshort, $48 each, are also adorable. I'm obsessed with the buttons on bottoms-- very Sgt. Pepper's Beach Volleyball Club.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Adventures at Target

I went to Target yesterday, and left sort of confused. I thought that the McQ collection would be in stores until early April, but it wasn't in either my local Target or Super Target. Instead, there was a generic "Go International" collection, without a designer's name attached. Maybe Arizona isn't cool enough for McQ? That's definitely possible. Have any of you seen Target at your local store recently?

The Go International clothes they did have were pretty cute, and I fell in love with this Zip Dress, $34.99. It reminded me of the zippered skirt and dress I posted about last month, except with a sportier twist. I love the asymmetrical neckline, the gathered waist, and the cute A-line mini-skirt. I hate that it's sold out online and my stores were sold out in my size, so I couldn't buy it.

I did buy this Converse One Star Bruxelle Dress, $34.99 online but $17 in stores. I swear, it looks cuter in person than it does in this photo (although I'm playing with the idea of returning it, because it's definitely not as cute as the Zip Dress). The simple sheath shape is very slimming, and I like how the zipper down the front lets you layer something fun underneath, show some skin, or zip it all the way up for a modest look. The tie at the waist is fun, too. I'm not crazy about the color--it's sort of a dull blue, like cheap denim. Yeah, I might return it-- even if it was $17, it's a bad sign if I'm not excited to wear it.

Then I got two basic tank tops from Mossimo, $8.99. Super soft, super cheap, nice long length, in the colors "Purple Duet" and "Cool Sky." I can't wait to wear them to yoga class.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dresses and more from American Eagle

I feel a little bad about ragging on American Eagle, because the clothes are made for teenagers. It's not one of those stores like Gap or H&M or even Forever 21, where both 13 year olds and 31 year olds can shop (with the right discretion). No, once you become old enough to drink, you can't go into an AE store without feeling like a dinosaur, and what does a dinosaur need a graphic hoodie for?

And yet... I used to be a huge AE fan when I was in high school, and I still get their emails with ridiculous coupon codes (judging by how desperate they seem to give their clothes away, I'm a bit worried about AE's business future). I couldn't help checking out their online store a few days ago, and I was happily shocked to find some adorable pieces. I might just have to put my hair in pigtail braids and sneak into the store to try them on.

First, their dresses are all the best, prettiest parts of spring distilled into a piece of cotton. I think I'm especially appreciative of AE dresses because Gap has apparently given up trying to design any dresses I'd want to wear. Such epic fail in the cute dresses category, Gap. Sigh. Anyway, this Flirty Striped Dress, $44.50, has that nautical look I never get sick of. A white/blue stripe is one of those classic prints that always look fresh, and the button-up bustier top is sexy in a really unself-conscious way. I like how there's a bit of a menswear vibe in this dress, but it's also completely girly. I want to be wearing this dress everyday from April to September. It also comes in a great checked white, although I worry about the see-through factor (you can tell it's getting warmer when I have to start thinking about clothes being see-through).

When it's 80 degrees and you can't stand the thought of getting dressed in actual jeans, this Knit Party Dress, $34.50, will be your savior. Few things are as easy to wear as a jersey tank dress, and the fun color and print gives it enough style for a night out. I have an AE dress with these shoulder ties, and I honestly find it sort of annoying. I'm always feeling them on my shoulder and thinking something's crawling on my skin, and they look pretty awkward under cardigans. One of these days I'm going to get my mom to just sew the straps together.

This One-Shoulder Ruffle Dress, $34.50, reminds me of something Alice + Olivia would sell. It maybe not have their impeccable fit or quality fabric, but it's also 120% cheaper and just as adorable. I can't decide whether I like the berry or the pearl grey version better: my head tells me the berry is way more fun and vibrant, but my heart is drawn to the sophistication of the grey. Who knew AE could be so chic? The drawback to this dress is that the sexy single strap and the rather low back leaves no hope for wearing a bra. Sigh.

I'm a bit in love with the Floral Vines Halter Cami, $24.50-- it's so artful and lovely. The cut is a nice deviation from a plain tank or an overly revealing halter, and I like the subtle keyhole opening in the back. And the print! It was so smart to have the florals hanging down into the white bottom, since having a whole shirt in that print would be headache-inducing. Instead, it's a nice compromise and a great look. Makes me want to throw a garden party, even though I don't have a garden.

I've had a few pieces of AE jewelry that I bought in high school and wore for years, until they fell apart. I could see this Gold Pendant Necklace. $15.50, being a semi-permanent addition to my jewelry box, especially when I want to dress up solid-colored dresses or black tops. The long chain and embellished pendant gives off a Kate Moss, bohemian sort of vibe-- I'd maybe wear it with cut-off jean shorts and some suede boots.

Or, maybe I'd wear that necklace with these Sunrise Sandals, $29.50. The leather cut-out sun pattern is a nice alternative to last summer's played-out gladiator trend, and it's an obvious upgrade from Old Navy's 2 for $5 rubber flip flops (which are awesome and essential, but don't do justice to your cute summer dresses).

Cute clutch alert! The Envelope Clutch is on sale for $9.99, which is perfect for some faux-leather and an oversized gold AE logo (luckily, you can't really make out what it says unless it's right in front of your face). At 9"x5", it's roomy enough to hold all your essentials, but still small enough to tuck under your arm and dance. It also comes in black and tan, but I think the gun metal grey is the more versatile color-- I could use it right now, and it goes with everything.