Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mining the Shopbop Sale

So I mean to post about this two days ago, but I've been busy doing important spring break stuff like trying to convince my cat not to lie down on my feet while I'm trying to nap, and reading Young Adult books from the library (E. Lockhart, you guys. Seriously, she's the best. Get The Disreputable History of Frankie Landeau-Banks and prepare to be blown away at how far the YA genre has come since Judy Blume, or even since The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants). Shopbop has been an extra 20% off their 70% off sale section with the code 20OFF70, and it ends tonight at midnight Pacific time. It might be over by the time I finish this post, but hey-- the clothes will still be 70% off, so you'll be getting a major deal nonetheless. Here's what I want:

MLH Kiki Ruffle Tier Empire Tank, $88.50, and Dress, $118. I can't choose between these two fabulous pieces! The tank is the perfect compliment to your favorite pair of jeans, and I have a pair of purple shoes that might just match perfectly. The dress is shoulder-to-knee fun, the sort of dress you wear when you know that no matter what, at some point tonight you're going to end up in the very center of the dance floor. The colors are very fun and summer-y, too, and I think the navy blue bodice keeps it from being too in-your-face bright.

I love this top because it's undeniably something that could be in Charlotte York's (imaginary) closet. From Milly, the Clover Lace Bow Camisole, $85.80, is sweet and romantic and all-around lovely. I'd want to pair with with a black pencil skirt and buttoned-up blazer during the workday, and then ditch the jacket after 5, when I want nice guys to buy me drinks. It's only available in size 8, so if you want it and it'll fit, you better pounce fast.

These shoes are very, very far out of my price range, but they sort of go with the top, and they're darling, so: the Jean Paul Gaultier Pearl Mary Janes, $321.00, were originally over a thousand bucks, so you have to respect the deep discount (although they're only availabe in size 8.5, 9.5, and 10). If you think about it, it makes perfect sense to put pearls on Mary Janes, the most ladylike of all the shoes. I love the little detail of the pearls getting smaller on the sides, and the gaps between the pearl strands near the toe gives it a hint of sexiness. The velvet, I'm not so sure about (one little rain puddle and your shoes are done for), but if I had an extra $300 and someone I just had to impress, I would wear these shoes.

This dress has a definite autumn vibe, but cuteness is not seasonal, right? From Nieves Lavi, the Short Sleeve Dress with Belt, $115.50, has a whimsical all-over leaf print and some great tailoring on the bodice and sleeves. I love the fabric cross-over under the bust, and the tie in the back is a great way to define the shape of the dress. I also like how the skirt is split into panels, so the leaf print doesn't quite match up. Good dress for late lunches and other daytime meals.

This Karen Zambos Vintage Couture Rita Dress, $157.50, maybe looks like something you'd wear, ironically, to The Awesome 80's Prom. But, if I'm not mistaken, the name is a nod to the actress who played Anita in West Side Story, and we all know Anita was far superior to drippy, whiney Maria, so now I'm looking at this dress with more appreciative eyes. And, let's be honest, if you wore this to Awesome 80's Prom you'd totally be voted Prom Queen.

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