Tuesday, March 3, 2009

ModCloth Buenos Aires Dress

Oh, man, I was just thinking to myself, "Self, you best be saving your money right now," and then Modcloth had to go and put the Buenos Aires Dress on sale, $118.39 from $147.99. I want it, I need it, oh baby, oh baby.

Just look at that pleated chiffon bodice in the front! So ladylike, with such a girly ruffle around the neck. I usually try to avoid ruffles so close to my face (because they seem to end up acting like napkins), but I'd make an exception for this. And the low back with thin crossed straps is so unexpected and sexy!

You know what it sort of reminds me of? Michelle Williams's yellow Oscar dress from a few years back. On hers, the chiffon is gathered around her crotch instead of at the waist (downgrade) and it also has a sexy v-neck (upgrade). Luckily for me, the turquoise color of the Buenos Aires dress is way easier to pull off, and I have absolutely nothing like it in my closet. Plus, I think it's one of those dresses that is versatile enough for both fancy dinners and casual class sessions--I bet I'd never want to take it off.


krista.alana said...

Holy cow, I just made a Mod Cloth post on my blog today! Different dress though. They have some cute unique stuff.

Emily McAdams said...

You read my damn mind on this one - Lish and I were gChatting earlier about how cute and girly this dress is.