Thursday, March 5, 2009

Whimsical Earrings and a Ring

A few quick pieces of jewelry that I have my eye on:

I saw these ring yesterday at Fash-on-Smash and immediately had to have it. From Banana Republic, the Knotted Ring, $24, is an ingenious twist on a classic ring band. It could be perfect for the single girl who isn't ready to metaphorically tie the knot yet, but wouldn't mind having a little something for her right ring finger. I want to buy this ring and wear it everyday-- and with the simple shape and subtle gold color, I really could.

These earrings would be perfect for Emily, I think, who swooned over a ring with a similar style back in January. Personally, I couldn't get on board with the tied bow ring because it seems like it would get caught on your hair, clothes, etc. These Rachel Leigh Olive Bow Studs, $50, on the other hand? An unqualified yes. There's nothing but girlish charm in these sweet little gold earrings-- wear them with a light blue dress and long, loose hair and you'll be the prettiest thing around.

You know those classic heart stickers with the bright red glitter flecks that were all the rage when making Valentine's for your classmates? Well, these earrings bring me back to those innocent days, when I once got a Valentine from a boy that declared I was his "heart and sole" (sic). That was in fifth grade, arguably the year that I peeked socially and romantically, but maybe I can recapture some of that charm with these Red Heart Earrings, $6.99. I'd love to rock these with a simple black dress on a Girl's Night Out, maybe with matching red lipstick and a super hot attitude.


Emily McAdams said...

Yeah, I love those earrings. Love them. Looove them. Show those to Alex, please?

ashley said...

I love that ring. Super cute! :)