Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Builty by Wendy Sample Sale

I've never bought anything by Built by Wendy, but I think they have a pretty good reputation. Through tomorrow, March 4th, they're having a massive sample sale on their website, and it's definitely worth checking out. Everything is $10 to $70, although it is non-returnable, so you have to be careful. Here are a few things that caught my eye:

Great Lakes Tee, $20, and Boatless Sail Tee, $20. You may have noticed how rarely I blog about t-shirts--my interests tend to be 75% dresses, 5% shoes, 5% purses, and 15% everything else. I wear plenty of tees to the gym or lounging around the house, but I just don't feel as cute or confident wearing a tee as when I'm wearing a dress or nicer top. However, two weeks ago I happened to buy, for $4, a band tee from a friend of a friend. It's a really soft, comfortable American Apparel crewneck in a nice purple color, with the band's name (Mancrush) and logo on the front. I won't lie, I wore it for a good 48 hours straight (I even slept in it!) before forcing myself to put it in my laundry basket. So now I'm thinking that I should revisit the world of t-shirts, and I'm digging these two options. The Great Lakes tee appeals to my inner Midwestern girl (shout out to Northbrook, IL!), and the Boatless Sail tee reminds me of my secret dream to sail around the world. (To Madelyn: Doesn't this model kind of look like Jill S.?)

There's lots of snow on the ground here in New York, which means I only want to buy clothes that remind me of tropical islands. This Greek Motif Top, $20 (originally $135) is perfect for lounging around Santorini and flirting with a boy named Kostos. No pants needed-- throw over a bikini and go. Sadly, only available in XS.

This glitter miniskirt, $20 (originally $164) is such a great Studio 64 throwback, while still being totally modern. The sheen of the fabric isn't too flashy, and I like how the model is styled with a slightly prissy top--with the wrong outfit, this skirt could make you look like you're on the way to do coke in the bathroom, so avoid halter tops and satin and the like.

I really love the color blocked pattern on this Bauhaus Jumper, $40 (originally $205). It reminds me of something you'd see at MOMA, except it's an easy to wear silk dress instead of a confusing abstract painting. While it's still cold, it'd be perfect to layer over a slip and thick black long-sleeve top.

It doesn't get any better than this Plaid Strapless Dress, $40 (originally $202, also comes in a lovely blue/white plaid). The sweetheart neckline gives it pin-up girl appeal, and the boning in the bodice helps everything stay where it's supposed to. And doesn't this look like something Charlotte York would wear? The other day, a friend asked how I came up with my blogging alias, Julia York, and I explained my love for the style of Sex and the City's Upper East Side Princess. So maybe it's fate that I came across this dress just a few days later, and I should accept the will of the universe and buy it!

I'm not sure why Robin Tunney (from 90's classic The Craft and current hit show The Mentalist) is modeling for Built by Wendy, but I do know she looks adorable in this Wool Jumper, $50 (originally $279). The outfit is very retro That Girl-- maybe a bit costumey, but she's working it. This double-breasted wool dress is a perfect addition to any work wardrobe, even as the drop waist and flouncy skirt gives it some fashion-forward cred.

Sooo lovely, right? This Garden Flower Strapless Dress, $60 (originally $256) is also pretty Charlotte York-- I can see her wearing it to an opening at the gallery she used to work at. It's simple, classic, but undeniably chic. There's also a equally lovely version with green flowers, and I want both.

Robin Tunney is back with a supercute Cashmere Tunic, $70 (originally $270)! She looks surprised. Anyway, this is the kind of piece that, if you take care of it, you'll wear for the next fifty years and then afteryou die your daughter will wear it. I'm especially digging the gold buttons on the waist tabs-- they add a bit of bling while preventing your torso from looking boxy, so win-win. I like her little gold key necklace, too.

Finally, the Seersucker Sport Jacket, $70 (originally $272). Seersucker fits right into my fantasy "Let's take the yacht out today!" life, so of course I want to wear this blazer with some boat shoes and a white swimsuit. It looks a little big on this model (and she also looks pissed... and a bit emaciated. She's possibly upset because she wants to eat a panini), but the menswear look is very trendy right now. I might love it a bit more if it was cropped and fitted, but it's still a great jacket.

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Julie H. Schaal said...

loving the cashmere tunic...only available in xs:(