Monday, March 16, 2009

Adventures at Target

I went to Target yesterday, and left sort of confused. I thought that the McQ collection would be in stores until early April, but it wasn't in either my local Target or Super Target. Instead, there was a generic "Go International" collection, without a designer's name attached. Maybe Arizona isn't cool enough for McQ? That's definitely possible. Have any of you seen Target at your local store recently?

The Go International clothes they did have were pretty cute, and I fell in love with this Zip Dress, $34.99. It reminded me of the zippered skirt and dress I posted about last month, except with a sportier twist. I love the asymmetrical neckline, the gathered waist, and the cute A-line mini-skirt. I hate that it's sold out online and my stores were sold out in my size, so I couldn't buy it.

I did buy this Converse One Star Bruxelle Dress, $34.99 online but $17 in stores. I swear, it looks cuter in person than it does in this photo (although I'm playing with the idea of returning it, because it's definitely not as cute as the Zip Dress). The simple sheath shape is very slimming, and I like how the zipper down the front lets you layer something fun underneath, show some skin, or zip it all the way up for a modest look. The tie at the waist is fun, too. I'm not crazy about the color--it's sort of a dull blue, like cheap denim. Yeah, I might return it-- even if it was $17, it's a bad sign if I'm not excited to wear it.

Then I got two basic tank tops from Mossimo, $8.99. Super soft, super cheap, nice long length, in the colors "Purple Duet" and "Cool Sky." I can't wait to wear them to yoga class.


Emily McAdams said...

I went to Target today and they didn't have the McQ line either. WTF, Target?

Alisha said...

Maybe the McQ stuff already sold out? Most of it is gone on the website as well.

But that zip dress is adorable!

Anonymous said...

ITA, even when something is 'cheap', if you don't get the feeling, return it.