Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Blazers for Spring

I'm dying to have a navy blue cropped blazer with oversized gold buttons--I think it'll be the perfect addition to my growing work wardrobe, but I also want it to be frivolous enough to look cute with spring dresses. I haven't found the right one yet, but here are a few that come close.

From Urban Outfitters, the byCorpus (what's with the capitalization? Who do you think you are, bell hooks?) Harlow Blazer is a steal at $39.99-- although it's only available in size large. I love the black trim, and the adorable schoolboy cut. I'm all about the blazers that look like they could be part of the Gossip Girl costumes. If only it had big gold buttons, instead of one tiny black button.

On the other hand, this Delias Camilla Cropped Jacket, $24.99 (but also only available in size L and XL), has some great buttons but isn't a blazer-- I think I'd look pretty silly wearing a peacoat inside, so this won't quite work. The faux-millitary details on the side are cute, though, and I dig the mid-length sleeves.

This is pretty much my dream blazer, and not just because it was featured in Lucky: from Ralph Lauren (who does better blazers? I mean, if it's good enough for Olympic athletes, it's good enough for me), the Tirana Crested Blazer, $99.99, is preppy perfection. The RL crest on the front is so classic I could weep--I'd love to wear this and pretend that I spend the weekends riding a horse named Hayden at my parent's country estate.

If I can't get a navy blazer, I'll settle for a white one. This American Eagle Boyfriend Blazer, $59.50, is nicely crisp and fresh. It's the sort of jacket that inspires you to impulsively run through sprinklers. The lining inside is pinstripes, too-- very classy.


Julie H. Schaal said...

It would be very easy to change out the button on the Urban Outfitters blazer for a gold one of the same size...

boutiquing1 said...

You should try Brooks Brothers boy's section - authentic style and GREAT cropped fitted fit!