Thursday, March 5, 2009

Theory at Rue La La

I love Rue La La in theory (the noun, not the brand)-- designer clothes at reduced prices, plus a cool members-only site? Genius! But a $800 purse that's 75% off is still way out of my price range, and so most of the time Rue La La only serves to make me sad about how long it'll be until I can buy a Diane Von Furstenburg Dress.

One of the boutiques today is Theory (the brand, not the noun), and there are some really great pieces. I'm particularly lusting over this "Peruva" Urchin Multi Pinwheel Skirt, $95, and think it would be a perfect addition to my growing skirt collection (btw, I have no idea if that skirt will work for RLL members, but it definitely won't for non-members). The print is really fun but too loud or overwhelming, and I could definitely go for a little magenta in my wardrobe. I also like the high waist and silk tie, and notice the subtle and flattering pleating.

Crap, I really want it. Now I need to convince myself not to buy this $95 skirt: It's dry clean only! It'll be really tough to match with anything besides black or white! Forever 21 will have a decent knock-off by spring! It'll get all wrinkly if I sit down! Skirts with belts force you to tuck in your shirt, which I can't always pull off!

Ok, I feel better. Anyway, Alex offered this a while ago, but I'll repeat: if any one of you readers aren't members of Rue La La and want to check it out (there's a Shoshanna boutique from Sunday to Tuesday, so don't wait!), leave your email address in the comments and I'll send you an invite. Hopefully you'll have a less angsty time with it than I do.


Emily McAdams said...

I would like an invite, pls.

jenny said...

would love an invite!

Alisha said...

Oh God, I'm a member of pretty much all of those designer discount sites and they only serve to torture me.

Rachel said...

Would love an invite too. thanks!

sandersrachel at

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the kind offer.

I would love an invite!


Anonymous said...

I received your invite.

Thank you so much!

:) :) :)

Sarah said...

I've been on the waiting list forever, I'd love an invite!

sarahkgill at gmail dot com