Sunday, January 11, 2009

Things I Want Right Now

Back in June or July, I asked Julia to add me to add me to this blog as a contributor. She kindly obliged, and I promptly and epically failed to do anything that could actually be considered "contributing." What I did do, however, was amass a collection of wishlist items that I'd get around to posting someday. Well, it's a new year, and I'm going to be a good little shopper and share my wishlist with all you patient readers.

First, an example of what I consider the perfect dress, from my style icon, Rachel McAdams:

This dress is ideal for flattering curves, or for creating curves where none exist. It's hourglass without being too vampy -- the fullness of the skirt is balanced by the boatneck, and the red sash is perfect for highlighting a tiny waist. I also love that the sash sits a bit above the waist, creating the illusion of a long torso and long legs. It's hard to go wrong with the classic black/white/red color palette, and this is a fresh and clean take on it. I covet this dress -- one in every color, please!

The closest thing I've been able to find online that even comes close to falling into my price range is ModCloth's Best of Both Coasts Dress, $129.99:

How cute is this dress? A lovely, muted nautical palette, a flattering shape, and the same high sash. It's even got pockets! My only complaint is that I find it very hard to accessorize navy clothes. You'd need navy or gray tights to go with this -- maybe ModCloth's Regalia Tights, $13.99?

The other dress I keep revisiting but can't quite convince myself to buy is LuLu's Siren's Net Wrap Around Dress, $63:

I love wrap dresses (accentuate those curves, ladies!), and, like Julia, I have a weakness for nautical details like the net pattern on this dress. The only reasons I haven't ordered it yet are that a) I'm broke, and b) I'm not sure that this wouldn't look a little like a bathrobe on my frame. But I'm sure that could be avoided with a pair of cute heels and some strategic accessorizing.

Is it terribly impractical of me to want to buy ModCloth's Ribbons and Bows Boots, $59.99, and design all my outfits around them from now on?

Julia blogged about fabulous green boots in this post, and I'm totally with her. These are just about the only boots in the world that could make me tuck my jeans in. I mean, how could you wear these without showing them off? I'd love to throw these on with my trusty black H&M wrap dress, some black tights, and green jewelry -- I love a monochromatic outfit with contrasting accents!

Anyone who knows me knows that my true love is jewelry, and I have quite the assortment: $4 H&M brooches, funky statement pieces my dad picks up for me here and there (my favorite being a pair of earrings made of cut-up rulers that say "Beyond Measure"), gold and diamond jewelry from my mom, who gets it on sale at work, and antique bangles inherited from my grandmother. But when I'm shopping for myself I tend towards whimsical and offbeat pieces -- earrings with interesting shapes, my H&M articulated fish necklace, flashy fashion rings, and the like. This Forget Me Knot ring ($54 at Fred Flare) is exactly the type of jewelry I'm drawn to, however impractical it may be:

I know it would get caught on everything, and it'll probably turn my finger green, but it's just so damned fanciful!

Also wonderfully fanciful are these necklaces (Forever, $34, and Spouts, $26) from designer Marc Poulin on Etsy:

All I'm saying is that if anyone happened to be looking for a gift for me... well, subtlety's not really my strong suit. I want these. Badly. That is all.


Julia York said...

Things I love about this post:
-Rachel McAdams (I cannot wait for State of Play to come out, just to see her being gorgeous on red carpets again)
-Those green boots. It would be an absolute crime to cover those up with jeans!
-The little whale necklace: so cute!

But my one criticism is that you didn't show the back of Rachel's red/white/black dress, which takes it from "perfect" to whatever is better than perfect.

However, I'm giving you points back for doing such a good job with the tagging.

Emily McAdams said...

I had not seen the back of the dress! I want it ten times more now.
I'm also really anal about tagging, so no worries there.

Alisha said...

The wrap dress is cute cute cute, but I definitely see the potential for bathrobey-ness too. Sad.

Shop Therapy said...

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