Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Inspired by Miss Dior Cherie

A few weeks ago, one Miss Alexandra Hepburn brought the below video into my life, a commercial for the Miss Dior Cherie perfume, directed by Sofia Coppola. I've been pretty much obsessed with it ever since.

Why, oh, why is this not my life? Why am I not the one skipping around Paris, eating delicate fruit pastries and going in for dress fittings and flirting with cute boys while riding a bike, all before floating away with a bunch of balloons?

But besides the charming vibe of the commercial, I'm also obsessed with the model's dress. I couldn't dig up a great picture of it, but here are some shots to get a better look at that dreamy pink dress:
And here's the Dior Cherie print ad, with another great pink dress (although the model looks really uncomfortable in that pose):
Naturally, I am now on the hunt for a pink dress of my own. Here's the one I would buy if I was Little Miss Moneybags, gold-digging girlfriend of Scrooge McDuck. From Lela Rose, the silk faille dress is so so pretty, but way out of my league at $1,095. The cap sleeves, rounded neckline, and full skirt are very, "I am French and I don't need to show ze skin!", and the pale blush color is perfect for those who think only little girls can pull off pink. I think the mannequin is doing this dress a disservice, though-- she doesn't seem to be quite filling out the top. I really dislike Net-a-Porter's mannequins; it's like, you're one of the top online retailers of designer goods, everything on your site is at least a grand, can you not afford some cute models to make your clothes look appealing? Everything on Net-a-Porter looks so lifeless, because of these sad mannequins.

See, this J.Crew dress is on a mannequin, but since it's just a plain dress form, not a shiny faux-model, it's way less creepy. Anyway, thesilk chiffon Sophia dress, $49.99, in tulip, has all the delicate and feminine qualities required in a good pink dress. I like how the subtle overlap detail on the front bodice is replicated in the v-back opening, and how the length of the skirt exactly walks the line between "young and fun" and "demure and appropriate." Also, I'm guessing here, but I think the fabric and chiffon overlay would prevent those unsightly wrinkles on your lap that show so clearly when you sit down in lighter color fabrics.

If you're a little gun-shy about wearing pink, then this J.Crew cotton cady Lydia dress, $89.99, might be a better choice. It's just about the lightest shade of pink possible-- if you weren't paying attention, you'd think it was white. The pleated full skirt, however, is perfect for flouncing around Paris running glamorous errands.

Look, a real live model! I want to buy this dress so much more now that I've seen how great it'll look when I take an intriguing train trip with my alligator suitcase and a chivalrous stranger. Nice going, Anthropologie. The Purling Steam Dress, $298, features a whimsical curlicue print, which I think is within the spirit of Miss Dior Cherie, if not the letter. The ruffles around the neckline are a little Victorian, but combined with the sheath shape, the dress has a retro yet un-costumey effect.


Madelyn said...

i wish that commercial was my life too! it was on and i said that to my mom and she didn't understand. oh, mom.

T said...

That commercial's so cute. I love that you see her use the perfume for like a split second.

Andrea Winslet said...

That commercial is amazing, but I couldn't help but think of this while watching it:

Maybe I'm just bitter that I could never wear that dress, as pale peachy-pink washes me out like no other.

There's only one pink dress like you said...

Love this dress in the commercial and love the commercial. Sorry but there is no replacement for the original--it's that dress, or nothing:(

Kelly said...

So im wondering was there only one of the pale pink dresses made specifically for the advert? Its just too pretty for words :) xxx

miss liss said...

Okay, so I randomly ended up on your blog post because I was looking for pictures of the anthropologie blushing faille dress . . . which just so happens to be a sort of look-a-like to the faille dress pictured here. It isn't dirt cheap ($188) but it is much cheaper than the "real deal". Lovely post, the Lydia dress is a particularly pretty "back-up".

best eye cream for wrinkles said...

Great post - I´m in love with that commercial too - I wish my life could be that pretty, flirty and parisian :) My dad calls me a dreamer..and I really don´t understand why :)