Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thakoon for Target

Every middle class fashionista worth her salt knows about Target's GO International collections, in which some of the world's top designers create limited edition lines at a much lower price point than their regular collections. But they can be inconsistent; sometimes the stuff looks tacky and cheap, with poor fit and construction. But othertimes, they're a veritable jackpot. I got this coat from the Libertine collection a few years ago, and I literally get compliments every time I wear it. From friends, classmates, neighbors-- once I was getting money from an ATM and a stranger stopped to ask me where I got it. A male stranger! You can't see it very well in this photo, because of the strange bow on the shirt underneath the coat, and you may also be distracted by the dorky looking model. But I like the bag! I also rue the day I decided not to buy this white skirt-- it has little embroidered navy whales and skulls! So cute! I remember trying it on and deciding not to buy it because it was see-through, but now I wish I could go back in time and say to myself, "Dude, just wear a tan thong." You can see more of the Libertine collection here.

I also really wish I had gotten my hands on this gorgeous Proenza Schouler dress (and I would obviously accessorize it with yellow pumps and a giant anchor). If it ever shows up on Ebay, I'm clicking Buy It Now faster than you can blink. That's the other thing about these Target collections: they sell out so freaking fast, so by the time I make it to the store there's nothing left but some XXL bikini bottoms (but no tops!). So, knowing that, I made sure to go to Target within days of the new Thakoon collection dropping. Thakoon had a big coup a few months ago when Michelle Obama, the First Lady of Fierce, wore one of his dresses at the Democratic National Convention. I was very excited to check out what he would design for the masses, but when I looked at I was so disappointed! Everything looked really shapeless and dully colored, totally uninspiring.

I mean, who'd want to wear this?

Wouldn't you much rather wear this?
I'm going to ignore the fact that I don't think this dress actually comes in purple, it's just a misleading photo, to concentrate on how the same Shibori Woven Dress, $39.99, looks about five hundred times better in this promotional photo than it does on the Target website. You can see how the print is more refined than some random splatters, how the belt at the waist helps create a shape, and how it's actually a shirtdress. You can't see the awesome pleats that run down the front and the skirt, or how the sleeves are cuffed with a button, but you can look at the second photo and imagine how you'd look stylish in that dress, too. I bought it, because it looks even better unbuttoned with a solid colored tank top underneath (although I like it as a bathing suit cover-up, too-- the bikini matches the bottom part of the skirt). It's nice enough to wear to work, and it's not every dress that can go from the office to the beach. I should warn all prospective buyers, however, that the sizing is sort of wack. I went a size smaller and it still was very roomy in the hips and waist, and easily buttoned over my chest. The arms were a little bit snug, however. Something I really like about this dress is the length-- it hits above the knee, and if it were any longer the print would be way too overwhelming.

I also bought this navy pleated skirt, $24.99. The tie on the waistband is nice and flirty, and the full skirt gives it a wholesome 50's spin. I want to wear this high on the waist, with maybe a brightly patterned top tucked in. It'll be a nice basic to help me with my New Year's Resolution to wear more skirts!

I also tried on the Canvas Floral Trench, $44.99 (see both the awful website photo and the good model photo, which actually isn't that great, but at least she isn't wearing cropped pants from 2002). The print is really pretty, but the cut isn't anything special and I don't want to look like a block of wallpaper. If it goes on sale at the end of Thakoon's run at Target, I might pick it up.

Moving on from Thakoon, I want to mention the other big designer collection Target is featuring: the Hayden-Harnett handbags. They look very luxe and stylish, in my opinion. I particularly like this Double-Flap bag, $29.99. The oversized gold square is very sophisticated, and I love how the overlapping layers of leather look. Bonus: the strap is detachable, so you can also wear it as a clutch.

I also really like the print on the Flight tote, $49.99, not to mention its roomy size and many pockets. It comes with a long strap so you can wear it across the body as a messenger bag, as well. It reminds me of this Gap tote, $39.50, in the bodega bay print. The design is way more simple-- it's a pretty basic tote-- but I'm digging the shiny blue leather pouch that's included with the bag.


Lena said...

I loved Proenza Schouler for Target. I am going to check this out RIGHT NOW. When I go back to school next week, I need to take a trip to Target for bedsheets so I might end up buying something from Thakoon as well. But I shouldn't. But I might.

PS I'm proud of you for buying a skirt! Go 2009.

Alexandra said...

I really want to go try that skirt on! (I totally agree that you would wear it higher on your waist, and with a tighter shirt to off set the poof.)

You know what that whale skirt reminds me of? LILY PULITZER!!!!!! I have a skirt like that in blue and it is super cute~ I will win you over to the dark side eventually...