Thursday, January 15, 2009

Shopbop Sale

Through today, you can get an extra 20% off already discounted items at Shopbop with the coupon code 20MORE. I love Shopbop, and I love coupon codes, so even though I'm on a shopping hiatus (I'm trying not to go broke so early in the year!), I'll participate vicariously by highlighting some of the sale items I wish I was buying.

I meant to include this Foley + Corinna Triangle Top Starburst Dress, $236.50, in my Dior Cherie post on pink dresses, but it somehow slipped through the cracks. This silk chiffon dress, in the lightest shade of blush, features tiny rhinestones on the empire waistband and around the skirt. I love how sweet and girly that combination is-- it's almost guileless, for a girl who is surprised to hear, at the end of the night, that every man in the room was enchanted with her.

This Abaete Abigail dress, $232.50, sends a totally different message. It's more, "I'm hot, but if I wanted to I could crush you." The strapless sheath dress is perfect for girls who don't need a lot of bows and whistles to feel fancy, but the metallic embellishments at the waist add just enough interest to set this dress apart. It's a little bit Art Deco, a little punk rock.

This dress would probably look ridiculous on me, but for some reason, I'm digging it. The Zimmermann Bo Feather Tiered Handkerchief Dress, $386.40, has a lot of names for such a small dress. The colorful feather pattern appeals to my latent hippie tendencies, and the tiered fabric (you can't really make it out in this photo) has a pleasingly early 60's vibe. Maybe I'm also digging it because I'm in denial about the fact that in a few days I'll have to leave Arizona's 72 degrees and sunny for New York's 21 degrees and miserable, and wearing this dress would make it feel like Indian summer all year long.

On the other hand, if I stayed here, I'd have no reason to wear these extremely fierce Diane von Furstenberg Pharaoh High Heel Boots, $192. I'm sure I say this every time I feature suede footwear, but I love it because it's so damn impractical. You think these boots could hold up to that scourge of February, the "wintery mix?" Obviously not. You wear these boots, and you better hope there's a personal car waiting right outside your door, and then a chivalrous gentlemen to lay his coat over a puddle the second you step outside. Such are the risks, and rewards, of red suede in winter.

Also from Diane von Furstenberg is this Smarty Jones Jacket, $212.50. It has a military feel while still being very feminine; the brass buttons are both blingy and classy, and the dark navy twill will match everything. I love how waist-conscious it is, too, since I tend to look like a walking refrigerator in coats that are too boxy.

I don't own anything with fringe, because it always had unpleasant Stevie Nicks connotations. But this Thayer Crete Fringe Miniskirt, $177.10, is so fantastic that I'm beginning to change my mind. This is a skirt to see and be seen in, to go fabulous places with interesting people and fast dancing in. I can't imagine wearing this skirt and having a boring night. I mean, just imagine the twirling you could do!

Brightly colored leather goods are one of the things that truly delight me. This Kooba Riley Bag, $416.50, is no exception, with its fun teal color and silver metal accents. I also like all the bands of leather on the side, even if they may be totally ornamental and purposeless.

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