Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Coats of the Rainbow

I had this brainwave today: I should start collecting brightly colored coats. I already have an olive green one that I really like, but I want sunshine yellow, and crimson, and royal blue, and deep purple, and bright white. I figure that a good coat will last for years and years, and it's not like winter in New York goes by quickly... so why not have a wide assortment of fun coats to choose from when braving the cold?

My first pick is the Old Navy Belted Twill Trench Coat, $49.50, in Cosmopolitan Berry. Ok, since it's 100% cotton it's not really a winter coat-- most stores have stopped selling the heavy wool coats, because apparently January means spring for the fashion world. But that color is so bold, while the design is totally wearable-- it would be perfect for those early spring days when there's a touch of warmth in the air, but you can't put away your tights just yet.

I've already gushed about Michelle Obama's style, but did I mention how adorable and fashionable Sasha and Malia looked at the inauguration? I especially love the blue of Malia's coat, although Sasha's mix of pink and orange is perfect for her age. I love how their coats, designed by J.Crew's kid's line, were similar cuts with shiny ribbons, but they didn't look too match-y, like identical twins or bridesmaids. Anyway, this Gap Funnel neck moleskin coat, $78, is in a similar shade to Malia's coat, although it looks a lot less warm and cozy.

It doesn't get anymore glamorous than a bright red coat. My friend Lish recently posted about a red Marc by Marc Jacobs trench that's to die for-- and, unfortunately, $578. This Forever 21 peacoat, $24.99, is more in my league.


Madelyn said...

I recently been obsessed with the idea of owning a yellow coat. I may end up with that old navy one (which i believe comes in yellow?).

Alisha said...

I was just in Old Navy buying some yoga pants and I saw that raincoat-- totally want the red version.

Alisha said...

Oh, actually, I guess they're separate coats-- the red version is here.

Emily McAdams said...

Have you seen those amazing pastel Gap spring coats? I want ALL OF THEM.