Monday, December 22, 2008

Gifts for Me, You, and Everyone We Know

I'm pretty much done with my Christmas shopping, but it just feels wrong to spend these last few days at home, relaxing with family, instead of elbowing other frentic shoppers out of the way and fighting over the last Princess Unicorn doll at the mall. So I'm feeling the urge to spend, like a good American, but it also feels a bit wrong to buy things for myself. So I've come up with a compromise I like to call, "One for them, one for me!" I hear that George Clooney takes the same strategy when making movies (aka, Ocean's Thirteen for them, Good Night and Good Luck for me).

I was in J.Crew the other day and everything-- sale, full-price, free if you shoplift-- was 20% off and fully returnable. That's a really impressive deal, if a bit smacking of desperation. Unfortunately, they didn't have this Onyx sequin dress, $79.99, which I'm dying to wear on New Year's Eve. I love how the cozy merino wool sweater dress is fancied up with sequins at the neckline, waist and arm openings. A nicely subdued take on glamour, so you can wear it for a special occasion but also dress it down for everyday. Sure, I already own plenty of little black dresses, but this seems like one I'll keep wearing for the next five, ten, fifteen years. Plus, empire waist, v-neck, knee length? It's a no-brainer.

For my imaginary male friend who has the taste and sophistication and balls to wear a cardigan, this solid cotton-cashmere cardigan, $39.99. It is one of my New Year's Resolutions to befriend a dude who wears cute cardigans, so I can parade him in front of my roommates and show them how cute they'd be if they only stopped being so close-minded.

I love browsing Swell, this website geared to sixteen year old surfer girls in Southern California, even though 22 year olds living in Manhattan probably shouldn't be wearing Roxy. But I do think I could get away with carrying this Hurley Rock Chic Tote, $32.99. The red flannel is way more East Coast than West, plus the faux-leather trim and silver hardware adds some grown-up attitude. I also love the front pocket, because otherwise I'll constantly be losing my keys and ID.

For my friends who actually do live in California and don't need to worry about frostbitten forearms, I'd give this Hurley Hartigan Pullover Hoodie, $52. Perfect for throwing on over your (I'll try not to die of jealousy in the process of writing this sentence) bikini after a day at the beach.

For me, from Urban Outfitters, these super fun Dolce Vita Equestrian Boots, $154. I'm a firm believer that the challenges of matching your clothes to a uniquely colored accessory is worth the rewards of having a stand-out outfit. And so, while these boots also come in black and tan, the hunter green is were it's at.

I would buy this Silence and Noise Speakeasy Mini, $98, for myself, but I know that I wouldn't be able to pull it off. Therefore, I want to buy it for my waif-y, leggy friend with a daring fashion sense. On me, it'd look like the bottom half of a figure-skating outfit; on her, it'd look like something Daisy Buchanan was wearing when she captured Gatsby's heart and made him pine for her for decades.

However, I do think I could rock this Anthropologie Oblique Pencil Skirt, $88. Trying to psych myself up for another semester of interning, which means getting up early and wearing business casual, would be a lot easier if I had this cranberry-colored skirt with slimming buttons down the side. However, I hate that it's all cotton and still dry clean only. Although, I did accidentally machine wash an Anthro cotton cardigan that was supposedly dry clean only, and it came out fine.

For my friend who is way too cool to make photocopies all day, this Over-Under Cuff, $24. I love how the gold glass beads look on the interwoven wires-- it's a little bit Paris, a bit Berlin, and a bit Cape Town. She can wear it on all of her amazing adventures.

I don't really need anything from Insound, but in order to keep with the theme of this post I'm picking out this handy silver Posterhanger, $16.99, for myself. I don't have any posters of indie bands that no one's ever heard of, but I do have this poster of Central Park that keeps falling off my wall, so this would help.

The real reason I'm including Insound is because this Shower Mike Sponge, $6.99, is the COOLEST gift ever! It's a sponge, shaped like a microphone, so your tone deaf friend can really rock out in the shower. I personally like belting out "Take a Change On Me," and I'm not ashamed.

From the She Boutique, I would kill for this Suede and Georgette Dress, $290, in "blush and honey." I love the ultra-touchable fabric--the light pink body is silk and the tan trim is suede--and the simply sweet shape. It's a very girlish, wholesome look, but the low cut back and front is equally sexy.

For a friend who'd rather cover up (it is December, after all, hardly the time for strappy pink dresses), I'd give this Hooded Wrap, $315. This ultra-soft and warm wrap can be worn countless ways, all of them cozy. And honestly, who isn't bored with pom-pom hats and knitted scarves?

So, yes, I already have a pair of pinstriped mary-janes. But those are closed toe with red accents, and these are peep-toe with green accents! Totally different! These Navy Pumps, $75, are very Modern Career Woman, with an Old-Fashioned Twist. Perfect for chasing after a hot story for the front page or pumping your co-workers for gossip.

I don't know if I have a friend who loves bacon as much as I do, but if I did, I'd get him or her these bandages, $9. You can also buy pickles, toast, and unicorn bandages!


Emily Hughes said...

If you can get Alex or Kyle into a cardigan by the time we graduate, I will respect you forever.

Also, I love bacon as much as you do.

Madelyn said...

i totally bought that mic sponge for my friend. it's pretty awesome.