Wednesday, December 31, 2008

How to Rival the Times Square Ball

There is a time for subtle, demure, tasteful clothes. New Year's Eve is not it. Bring on the sequins, sparkles, and metallics!

From Heavenly Hostess, this is not a skirt-- it's an apron. It's the shiniest, hottest, most glamorous apron you will ever see. This is not the sort of apron you wear while making spaghetti for your family of 8-- it's dry clean only, so, impractical. No, you should wear the Sparkle Cocktail Apron, $120, over a LBD that used to be your go-to dress for cocktail hour but has gotten a bit stale recently, and could use some sprucing up. The sort of sprucing up that starbursts of gold and green sequins and a bit satin bow can accomplish!

If you'd rather wear a real skirt, J.Crew has the perfect option with their Liquid-Gold Sequin Skirt, $199. I love the understated ribbon waistband and the fun, swingy movement created by the pleats.

Also from J.Crew, the Bottle Sequin Jacket, $499, is in the most unique shade of olive. The cropped sleeves and hem make it perfect for throwing on over a simpler dress.

Vera Wang can be counted on to do a metallics without going over the top. From her Lavender Label, the Strapless Bustier Dress, $247.50, features a lightly shimmery silver lame fabric and an impeccably ruched bodice. Perfect if your New Year's Resolution is to spend more time in the spotlight.

I adore Herve Leger's bandage dresses-- they make every single figure look slamming. This Sequin Bandage dress, $2,800, is especially fierce. The ombre stripes give admirers the excuse to look you up and down.

This Old Navy Patent Clutch, $9.99, adds a touch of class and glamour to every outfit. The distressed faux-leather gives it a vintage, lived-in vibe, and the simple inside pocket forces you to prioritize your belongings. It also comes in a flashy bronze color, but I'm a fan of the dark teal.

I love these Mossimo Iyanna Sequin Trim Shoes, $19.99 (see what I was saying about my love of cheap shoes?). The ankle strap and low heel makes these practical for a more active New Year's Eve: bar-hopping, perhaps, or an outdoor block party. I like how the sequins are almost tiny mirrors-- it's very disco.

Everyone have a happy, safe and fabulous New Year's!


Anonymous said...

you too! happy new year to my fave blog!

Leigh said...

I love the sequin items at J.Crew. That sequin skirt is super cute, but it is sold out! I think the green jacket is interesting but I don't think that I would ever wear it.