Monday, December 15, 2008

Purple pt 2: Sweaters and Accessories

I want to prove that my obsession with purple extends beyond dresses, so here are some more purple options if you're not ready to commit to knee-to-neckline purple.

The Amanda cardigan, $28 at Lulu, maintains a fine balance between sophisticated and sporty. The front corners are extended, so you can wrap it around your waist ballet-style or maybe belt it, and the sheer fabric makes it really versatile as the seasons change. My favorite thing about it, however, is the subtle stripes of lighter purple that give it a very vintage, lived-in vibe.

This Free People Turtleneck, $59, has its own unique spin on stripes: skinny lines of lime break up the solid purple top, making it seem very "hippest girl in a college town." I also like how the "turtleneck" is more of a very slight cowl neck, so you get the interesting neckline but not the prudish, overheated and stiff effect turtlenecks sometimes give off. The tunic length is so cozy, too.

I forgot to include this in the purple dresses post, but since it fits my stripes theme I think it's alright to include it. The Puella Port Striped Tunic Dress, $125, is so effortlessly flirty and feminine. The two shades of purple compliment each other perfectly, and the vertical stripes on the off-the-shoulder neckline prevent the dress from getting too prison uniform. I'm obsessed with the open neckline, actually; I'd love to wear this with my hair in a loose bun at the nape of my neck for maximum hotness.

Now onto the purple accessories! The Crush Purse in Purple by Melie Bianco, $79 strikes me as a bit "sophisticated European traveler who is maybe sort of trashy but otherwise so much fun." The gold hardware gives it a super-luxe look, and the roomy interior and long strap are super practical. I like how simple the shape is-- it makes it the perfect fit for a fun royal purple.

The Bamboo Blackberry Raspberry Knotty Toe Flat, $20, is a straight-up adorable take on the basic ballet flat. The twisted faux-leather over the toe gives it extra interest, although with such a great plum color you don't really need it.

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