Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pretty Photos!

I've been trying to clean up my desktop a bit, and I decided it was time to tackle my folder of photos I save for this blog. And since I'm sure everyone could use a break from shopping for a few days, here are some photos that I found sartorially inspiring in the last year:Amy Adams is rocking my world with her shiny turquoise t-straps. Such a great compliment to a black dress that's a little on the boring side.
This photo of a chic Brazilian woman is from the Sartorialist. I love the ribbon sash at the waist and the intricate lace of the rest of the dress.

In my opinion, Sienna Miller's style is a cheap, tacky rip-off of Kate Moss's. But I have to give her props for this unfussy, fresh white dress.

Speaking of Ms. Moss: she makes me want to get married in a Burberry bikini, no small feat considering how much I adore dresses.

Ok, so Lauren Conrad looks a little fake n' bake in this photo. But she is rocking the ultra-mini dress and intense platforms. I would kill to raid her closet.

I was gonna post about Robin's shirt, because I thought I found it on Anthropologie, but then it sold out and I had no use for this still from How I Met Your Mother. But Robin and Barney looks so cute, and I do really like her shirt, so I refused to trash it until I could share it with the world.

I know that these sort of across-the-head braids a bit played out, but I'm still determined to master them. They look so fun and easy on Reese Witherspoon! I wish I had that sort of braiding skill.

Speaking of hair, this random Dove model has my dream ringlets, even though I'm unwilling to spend an hour of quality time with a curling iron every morning.

And Kate Hudson has my dream straight hair-- it looks so shiny and soft! And I want to play with baby lions, too.

I didn't see Iron Man, and I hate giving Gywneth any props, but I'm in love with her strawberry blond hair color in that movie.

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