Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cropped Sleeve Coats

Almost two months ago, a lovely reader by the name of Sarah requested a post on coats with cropped sleeves. I said to myself, "Yeah, I think I can put that together by Halloween," but I obviously failed. I hope, Sarah, that you live someplace where it's still warm enough to wear cropped sleeve coats-- if it isn't, then spring is just around the corner (please don't burst my bubble by saying otherwise). In a way, it's good that I waited, because many of these coats have been reduced from their original prices, because, you know, it's December.

The Gap has a nice selection of impractical-yet-cute outerwear this season. There's this belted coat, $69.99, which is available in a fabulously deep purple as well as a classic navy. I like the buttons on the chest, and with 70% wool content, it'll be warm enough to compensate for your chilly forearms. The tartan plaid version of the same coat is a bit more at $94.99, but I like the rugged fabric paired with a feminine shape. Finally, this Gap peacoat is more short-sleeve, $54.99, than crop-sleeve, but it seems like the perfect thing to throw on on one of those in-between weather days.

Lulu is a shopping site I recently discovered through one of the Lucky Mag shopping blogs, and I'm intrigued by their trendy pieces and very friendly prices, minus the trashiness of a Forever 21. This Fame and Fortune Coat in red, $64, is sophisticated enough for a full-grown woman but could also be easily carried off by a young adult with the right attitude. I adore the fact that the thin patent belt is included, since it really pulls the look together. I'd love to wear this like the model is: with a simple but swinging mod-type dress, and bare arms. It also comes in royal blue (ugh, I hate when shopping sites don't list the different colors of the same product together, so you get all invested in a purple dress before going back to the main page and seeing that it also comes in an adorable shade of hunter green, and it's a surprise Sophie's Choice. I hate being shocked by tough decisions). Other coats from Lulu's that I like: The She's a Vamp trenchcoat, $80 (the gold buttons!) and the Breezy Tuesday Overcoat, $88, (the oversized cargo pockets are badass).

I know I just called F21 trashy, but that won't stop me from checking out their selection of coats with 3 quarter sleeves. After all, it probably makes more sense to invest in a thick, full length coat that you'll wear for multiple seasons, and spend less money on a really fun, trendier coat with cropped sleeves. Like this chic black and white Foliage Silhouette Coat, $39.80. The print could be overwhelming, especially with the double-breasted design, but I think the thick belt helps break it up and keep it eye-catching without being headache-inducing. A simpler, more casual option would be this Hooded 3Q Wool Coat, $49.90. I am the biggest fan of faux-fur hoods, because they allow you to have attend impromptu costume parties-- just throw the hood up and you're an adorable eskimo!

From ModCloth, the Little Plaid Riding Hood Coat, $79.99, hits the sweet spot between being simple enough to be used a canvas for your extra special accessories, and stylish enough to be perfectly cute on its own. The back features a faux-cape; combine it with the velvet-covered buttons and empire waist belt, and you'll feel like a Disney heroine.

The Lola y Maria boutique features this Cropped Navy Lady Coat, for 75% off it's original $300 price: it's just $87.50. With it's cropped length and hook closure, it's really more of a cardigan than a coat. But I'm enamoured with the awesome fabric: a navy textured jacquard shot through with strands of subtle gold. It would look so glamorous as a shrug over a nice holiday dress!

Finally, this is the cropped sleeve coat I would buy if money were no object: the Alice + Olivia Sophia Jacket, $440. Check out the how perfectly the yellow accents compliment the greyish-purple fabric, how the spread collar and hidden button snaps give it a thrown-on feel, how the belt and the crazy cape sleeves make you look like you might have wings... I adore it all. Typical A+O.

So, again, Sarah, I'm sorry it took me forever and a day to get to your request! I hope this was helpful! Anyone else who wants to shout out a request, I will have a lot more time starting next week (woohoo, Christmas break!) and promise to put all my online shopping resources at your disposal.


Anonymous said...

I just found this super-cheap and super-cozy coat at Forever 21. I will definitely be wearing this once it starts to warm up, and practically every day next fall!


Julia York said...

Wow, I love that coat! Definitely a great find. I can't decide what color I want it in... the purple and maroon are both really vibrant and fun, but the grey is refined and would probably age better. Damn, I want all three.