Thursday, December 4, 2008

Gifts from Urban Outfitters

Plenty of websites have gift guides, but I'm loving Urban Outfitters in particular. UO is always a pretty good place to get gifts, because they have plenty of crap you would never buy for yourself but is fun to give to others. Like Magic 8 Balls! The UO gift guide organizes itself by personality labels, like "The Hibernator" (lots of cozy scarves and slippers) and "The Scholar" (SAT words shower curtains and a necklace with a monocle). Here are some of my favorites from each category:

The Scholar:
LinkThe "Around the World Illuminated Globe," $98, is a little expensive for a gift for a casual friend, but how excited would your slightly nerdy friend be to get this? Globes are very practical when you are sick of life and want to move somewhere random, so you spin the globe and promise to go to wherever your finger stops it (I usually land in the ocean, which is good, because I LOVE Atlantis!). And this globe is extra special, because when you plug it in it lights up. Could be the perfect gift for a geography enthusiasts who is afraid of the dark. Although, to be honest, I'd much rather have an outdated globe from a flea market that has the USSR and other countries that no longer exist. Even better if it has Pangaea!

The Traveler:
I'd be sort of pissed if I traveled somewhere with the Lomo Fisheye Camera, $48, and came back to realize all my photos were distorted almost beyond recognizability. But if I was feeling artsy-fartsy, I'd be totally into the 170 degree circular view! This would make a spectacular present if you included extra film and maybe a gift card to someplace to get the photos developed.

The Hibernator:
Sometimes I wish I lived on a real college campus so I could wear moccasins to class. Unfortunately, my half-hour trek on the city streets would tear up the soft microsuede of these Stitched Moccasin Slipper, $18, in a day. Anyway, I'm totally stealing this gift idea from my roommate's girlfriend, and also the friend of mine who visited over Thanksgiving and wanted to shop for moccasins. While these are women's shoes (they have a cute little bow on the toe!), guys apparently are in favor of receiving them as gifts too! Luckily, UO sells both a hard sole, $40, and soft sole, $36, version.

The Audiophile:
I definitely want new ear buds for my iPod this Christmas, and these definitely do not fit the bill. The Giant Earbud Speakers, $40, are a triumph of style over substance: I'm sure the sound quality sucks, and you wouldn't be able to prop these up in any convenient way... but the shape is hilarious and awesome! Sort of surrealist and all together very witty. Other good gifts for Audiophiles are whimsically shaped zip drives and books in the 33 1/3 series.

The Party Girl:
I would never really recommend giving someone shoes as a gift, unless they send you a link saying, "I want this in a 7.5 in red." But I am in love with the kinky playfulness of the Dolce Vita Birdcage Heel, $148. I'd feel like an Italian Screen Siren in these heels, and the colored suede (they're available in maroon as well as teal) make them less in-your-face dominatrix.

The Smart Dresser
If you know a guy who at all into fashion, or at least willing to try new things, you can't do better than giving a sweet hat. This Marled Feodora, $28, is a classic shape in fun tweed colors. Worn ironically or sincerely, it'll make your favorite dude look super sharp.

The Narcissist
Perfect, right? How to Start Your Own Country, by Erwin S. Strauss, $12.95, offers five distinct methods for becoming kind of The United Democratic Republic of You (the more words you include invoking freedom, the stricter your dictatorship can be!). Such a practical gift! Just be sure that the person you're giving this book too hasn't seen this gift guide, because no one likes to be thought of as a narcissist (on the other hand, maybe narcissist are just excited to learn that you're thinking of them enough to give them a label).

This last gift isn't from their guide, but I think it would make a great present for someone who dreams of moving to the big city.
The NYC Skyline Pillowcase Set, $24, (did you get my "dreams" pun? Didja?) features all the iconic New York landmarks, and I think we're far enough from 9/11 now that it doesn't bum people out to see the skyline with the Twin Towers. I have to nitpick, though, that the placement of the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, and the rest all seems geographically impossible to me. First, where are all the Wall Street buildings right at the Seaport? Second, you'd have to be on Manhattan looking south to have a chance of seeing Lady Liberty and the bridge at the same time. Anyway, there's also a San Francisco Skyline set if your receiver is more of a West Coast person.

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