Monday, December 29, 2008

New Year's Eve Dresses

I feel like I'm in a bit of a shopping funk lately, and I don't know what it is. I liked all the clothes I got for Christmas: some ridiculously comfortable So Low yoga pants and a really soft Gap reversible robe from my parents, and a Nike zip-up running jacket that makes me feel like a serious athlete and is the most incredible shade of blue. But I didn't get anything "wow!" that I could wear out of the house. Adding to my sadness, I tried to buy that Splendid cardigan from Barneys (remember? purple and black stripes, open with no buttons? $19?), but the day after ordering it I got an apologetic email from Barneys saying that it sold out. Boo. Then, the day after Christmas I went to the mall with my mom and sister, spent 30 minutes trying to find a parking spot, and then bought nothing. Frustrating! The next day I went outlet shopping and got some basic black workout capri's from the Gap (the pair I already own is literally coming apart at the seems, so it's time to trash it. I'm thinking that for New Year's I'm going to toss everything I own with holes. I convince myself that it's not a big deal to wear sweats with a little hole on the inner thigh, and that extra pair lets me put off doing laundry, but I'm trying to treat myself well by not wearing clothes that are falling apart), and then a rather adorable argyle cardigan from the Tommy Hilfiger outlet. I wish I could find a photo, but instead I'll have to paint a word picture: navy sleeves and back, with grey, white and yellow diamonds down the front, and a little ruffle around the crew-neck collar. Very preppy, but fun.

But I can't wear a sweater and jeans on New Year's Eve! I don't want a "cardigan" sort of year-- I want a drop dead gorgeous dress kind of year. I might wear this Splendid dress that I just bought off Shopbop a few minutes ago. It isn't blow-your-socks-off hot, but it's cute and comfortable and I think I could get a lot more wear out of it than any sequined halter minidress outfit. The Contrast Waist Tie Dress, $81, gets major points for the deep forest green color, a winter classic that never goes out of style. And Splendid's jersey pieces are always so soft, so I look forward to being cozy in this dress.

But there are some other dresses I'm eyeing that are more "special occasion." From Nordstrom, this Maggy London One Shoulder Dress with Beaded Waist, $94.90, is definitely not for everyday wear. You really can't dress down one-shoulder dresses, can you? Especially one with such gorgeous silver embroidery at the waist. Cobalt blue is a very hot color this year, and I think the goddess top and loose skirt would be very flattering.

Also from Maggy London, this One Shoulder Silk Dress, $81.90, is equally lovely. The charmeuse ruching at the waist gives it a bit of a bridesmaid vibe, although I don't know what sort of bride would let her friends look this hot.

This Adrianna Papell Sequin Grecian dress, $105, might be my favorite, and it seems a little bit less formal than the previous two. The gold sequins on bright teal silk chiffon is very fresh and fun-- it makes me think of Esmeralda or some other historically incorrect gypsy woman, the sort who is too busy with her forbidden love interest to worry about health care or ethnic cleansings. The full skirt is perfect for swishing around seductively; ditto for the plunging neckline on the halter top.

Here's another Adrianna Papell dress, but I'm not sure if it's cute or a bit weird. The Sequin Laser Cut dress, $94, has the refined color combination going for it, and the sequins on the straps and neckline are like a perfect frame for your face. But I'm not sure about the layers, or tiers, or whatever they're called. Everytime I see dresses like this I can't help being reminded of a worm. I think the diagonal layers on the bust help weaken that association, but I'm still not sure.

Here's a dress I have no reservations about, and it uses a similar color combo. From Abaete, the Charles Dress, on sale for $148.50, seems totally original and fresh to me. I love how the shoulder strap emerges effortlessly out of the woven bodice, and how easy I think it would be to wear despite being a bit high-fashion. I'm not a fan, however, of the big exposed zipper down the side, which you can't see here. Conceal that shit, Abaete! It's ruining the classy look of your dress! Ok, I guess I lied when I said I had no reservations.

If, however, my dress hunt fails, I might just hang out at home with a Young Adult novel from the library, wearing this Anthropologie Good Hours Robe, $128, and these Miu Miu Crystal-Heel Sandals, $695.

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