Monday, February 11, 2008

Update on Calypso wrap dress

I don't know why I signed up for Victoria's Secret mailing list since I haven't shopped there since the beginning of high school, but I get emails from them everyday nonetheless. And today I got one advertising their spring dresses, including their "7 in 1 dress."

Hmm, this looks a little bit familiar. Could it be because it's a TOTAL RIP-OFF of the Calypso jersey wrap dress I was salivating over this past weekend?

I actually don't know why I'm pissed that VS copied the dress, since I thought it was overpriced anyway and the VS version is pretty reasonable at $109. Or, at least it would be reasonable if the dress is of good quality, which I pretty much doubt it is. Based on the website, the colors look a lot less Linkdeep and fresh, and I think the hem is too long for short girls like me. Plus, the Calypso dress has "countless" ways of tying it, and VS can only come up with 7?

On the plus side, VS gets credit for showing full-body, decently sized photos of each style, and including simple instructions for each one! I appreciate it, and it makes me feel more confident that I'd be able to figure out how to turn it into a "twist-around back-bend upside-down" dress or whatever. So kudos to VS for being a lot less oblique than Calypso.

Too bad VS doesn't carry clothes in stores (or does it? I haven't been in many VS's, but I've only seen pj's along with the bras and panties and other lingerie). This is the kind of dress you need to try one, to see to believe.

It's available in sour cherry (red), paradise pink, ultra teal, and black. Boo for not having anything sapphire.

Victoria's Secret 7-in-1 Dress, $109

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Danielle Blanchett said...

Here's another imitator. The original dress by Butter has been around for a long time - I mean, I've seen it in stores and online for years - so I'm not really surprised that there are so many knockoffs: