Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Anchors Away!

If I could just move into the Gossip Girl wardrobe trailer and make it my new home, I'd be happy. But until then, I have to shamelessly copy the Waldorf and Van der Woodsen style.

Here's Blair in the first episode, meeting Serena for drinks at the Palace and wearing the perfect anchor necklace. It fits perfectly with her preppy style, and the background in the books that she sometimes goes sailing with Nate. I went through a stage a few years ago where I decided to make my new fashion philosophy, "Also be dressed as if you might step onto a yacht at a moment's notice"-- not swimsuits or boardshorts, but lots of navy blue and white and stripes. The whole "Kennedy on holiday" look, you know. I never fully committed to it, but often when I'm shopping I stop and think, "This is such a great sailing outfit." And then I buy it.

But in this post I'm going to concentrate on just one aspect of the sailing wardrobe: the anchor as accessory. Blair's necklace is Alexis Bittar (seen to the right), but I don't think you can buy it online anymore. Luckily, there's Etsy, which has a lot of different styles that are almost all very reasonably priced.

This, the Anchors Away blue bead necklace, $15, might be my favorite for its simple classiness. It has the anchor, the bead, and a little pearl! Also, I think the long chain is a good idea with a chunkier necklace. It's tough, though, because you don't want it to be that length where the pendent gets lodged in your cleavage, but you also don't want to be able to tuck it into your waistband.

Lustrongirl flat shell anchor necklace, $15. The shell looks great as a background for the anchor, and it's very beach appropriate.

Blue anchor turquoise circle necklace, $28
I love this and think the use of turquoise (desert element) with the silver anchor (sea element) is very creative. I worry that the anchors would sort of get lost amongst the bright green of the stones, though.

Sail Me Away Charm necklace, $10.
This necklace is so cheap! The starfish and seashell in addition to the anchor make it a very fun necklace, but I don't know if you'd be able to make it work in day-to-day New York.

Hello Sailor ring, $17.
So this ring doesn't have an anchor on it. But it is very saucy, and think about how useful it would become during Fleet Week!

Goth anchor ring, $5.95.
I don't know why it's named "Goth," but I think this ring would get you a lot of compliments. Button rings are so fun and crafty.

Little anchor hoop earrings, $18
These earrings are classic enough that they'd go with just about any outfit, but they'd be especially perfect with a short navy blue dress.

Gold photo frame necklace with turquoise pendent and anchor charm, $115
This one is really cool because you can email the seller a photo of your loved one or dog or whatever, and she'll shrink it down, laminate it, and put it in the frame for you. It's the most expensive, and the anchor is kind of an afterthought, but if you were to own a yacht that you really loved you could put that in the frame and carry around your love of sailing with you!

J.Crew anchor charm bracelet, $65
So I'm deviating from the Etsy stores, but I wanted to include as least one bracelet with the necklaces, earrings and rings. This bracelet is good if you're into chunky jewelry and don't care if the charms on your bracelet are sort of really phallic. You know, to each her own.

And if you're not really into jewelry, J.Crew has another option: the Cashmere Glitter-critter tee, originally $148 and now $55.99 if you buy it before February 29th (J.Crew is having one of those 20% off the final sale things). I don't really understand the point of cashmere t-shirts, but you know you can never talk sense with the Crew.

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