Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Alternative Apparel

I read an article awhile ago that criticized the new generation of the environmentally conscious, calling them something like, "Generation X- and Y-ers driving nice cars with low gas mileages and wearing premium, organic cotton denim." And, well, I fit that description pretty perfectly. It's important to me to make environmentally and socially responsible choices as a consumer, but not at the expense of quality or style.

So you'd think that for casual and active wear, American Apparel, with its "Made in America" tagline and eco-friendly offerings, would tug at my liberal heartstrings. Not so. I think that the owner, Dov Charney, is a freak. I can't stand their advertising campaign, either - something about it seems exploitative to me and really turns me off.

So what to do? I need t-shirts. I need tank tops. I need lounge wear. The solution? Alternative Apparel. Like the other AA, this brand is also socially conscious. And it has a line of tops and sweatpants made from 100% organic cotton called Alternative Earth.

I feel a little silly posting about this; it's not fashion-forward or innovative or anything. But I really love the soft, relaxed styling of the ads, especially compared to the in-your-face sexuality of American Apparel's ads:

When you're used to seeing half-naked, emaciated-looking bodies plastered all over New York City, these are a nice breath of fresh air.

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Julia York said...

Oh,please, you only like these because the model is wearing her headband turban-style.

Danielle Blanchett said...

This is true: I do aspire to successfully pull off a turban, and I will. Someday.

I also dig the casual tank top paired with the fluffy, tulle skirt.