Saturday, March 1, 2008

Anchors Away!, Part 2

As you know, Julia has described her fashion philosophy as thus: "Always be dressed as if you might step onto a yacht at a moment's notice." During the summer, I like to adopt a similar fashion philosophy: "Always be dressed as if you might step onto Sean Combs' yacht at a moment's notice. Also, you're J.Lo." (By the way, Julia and I think that she and P. Diddy should get back together. Anyone else agree?)

First of all, you're gonna need a few bikinis. I'm usually not so into J. Crew, but I have to say that I dig their brightly-colored swim separates. They'll perfectly compliment a tan and they add the right panache to basic, potentially boring styles. This summer, I'm definitely going to be rocking a bandeau top. As my fellow small-chested girls know, one of the few advantages to having tiny boobs is never having to worry about wearing a bra. It's a right we exercise proudly and often, it being the only comeuppance we have against our better-endowed friends. I also like the bohemian touch the gold rings add to the otherwise basic bottom. And it would make some interesting tan lines. (Bandeau top, $40, and gold-ring bikini bottoms, $42, available at with a million other styles.)

Now, you need a cover-up
that's sexy and fun. I love the carefree, exotic vibe of these kimonos and caftans by Lotty B. Hand painted onto silk by a designer from the Caribbean, these cover-ups are as luxurious as they come. So what if they're not practical? You're a movie star. Practicality means nothing to you. (Kimono, $245, and short kaftan, $175, available at

On the subject of practicality: one would argue, perhaps, that it is unpractical to wear jewelry at the beach. That's correct. But on a yacht? Totally acceptable. On P. Diddy's yacht? Absolutely necessary. So here are two viable options for earrings. (I should really do a post devoted to jewelry sometime; I'm always finding such beautiful things.) On the right, we have Telee Couture's Peacock Pearl Drop earrings, $19. I bought these recently but haven't been able to wear them yet because I just got my ears pierced. But, oh man, I can't wait. They're so fierce. Pictured on the left are Viv and Ingrid's Gold and Onyx Grecian 5-Drop earrings, $125. These remind me of something Elizabeth Taylor would wear in Cleopatra. Actually, the chains would probably get tangled up in that beaded headpiece she wore, so never mind. They're still gorg, though.

As for footwear, I bought a pair of K. Jacques sandals a few years ago that I wear constantly in the summer. Bernardo makes good ones, too. But just in case you are someone who frequents Diddy's yacht, or if you are in fact J. Lo, consider these beauties by Goldenbleu's brand-new shoe line:

These are not your mother's espadrilles. These are not the espadrilles Audrey Hepburn stomped around in in Roman Holiday or Grace Kelly wore in To Catch a Thief. No, these espadrilles were made for lounging poolside, for sporting at rooftop parties in the city, and for wearing aboard yachts.

(Price: unknown. Which is probably for the best. It would just depress us.)

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Ryan said...

first and foremost, I love Audrey Hepburn. Second, I don't know a lot about bikinis except that I am usually very glad that girls wear them. Third I think instead of a jewelery post, you should do something I can help you with, like a post about chocolate. Forth, you asked, so I commented, so I hope you will be less prejudiced against me. Fifth, next weekend, you're coming out with us, I don't care if you have consumption, we're gonna have a good time. Good night and good luck