Sunday, March 9, 2008

Update on Slips

So I bought some stuff from Urban Outfitters online, and I'm going to tell you about it.

The bulk of my purchase was slips, some of which I posted about previously.

My favorite, by far, is the most impractical. The Lulu in Hollywood slip, $14.99, has these ridiculous accordian pleats on the bottom that will make it really tough to wear underneath anything. But it's so fun to wear on its own that I had to keep it. I do have a dark grey dress that's super low-cut, and I'm thinking that the yellow lace will look great peaking out at the neckline, and the fabric might be heavy enough to hide the pleats.

I was apparently smoking crack when I bought this other Damsel strappy gold slip, because why in the world would I need two yellow slips? It was $11.99, but I was sensible and returned it. I kept the royal blue one I bought in the same style, though. This style of slip runs a little longer than I like, and if it wasn't slightly see-through I could wear it as a regular dress in the summer. Maybe, when it warms up, I'll get creative with layering and figure it out.

This Alchimie slip, $28, doesn't look very cute on the model, but in person it's everything you want in a slip (except maybe a little too long, also). The satin is super smooth, like a second skin, and the lace details at the top and bottom are subtly sexy (they should call this the alliteration slip). I've been having some static cling issues, though, so I'm going to have to google how to fix that before I wear it.

I was so excited to wear the Lace Trim Tie Front Slip, $19.99, but this one was a total bust. The main problem was the cups, which not only were on the small size, but also seemed to be pointed out, away from each other. Since I don't have little girl boobs that are underneath my arms, the cups were all bunched weirdly and I just looked uncomfortable. Should have been so cute, but wasn't cute at all. Returned it.

I also got the Carved Leaf Headband, $12.00, which is a little bit uncomfortable behind my ears but makes me feel like one of the non-humans in A Midsummer's Night Dream (were they nymphs? fairies? I can't remember). I've worn it once and already gotten a compliment, from a boy, no less. Thanks for validating my self-worth, Yeison!

I've wanted this Little Birch Jewelry Stand, $26, for ages. It was on my Christmas list, but my parents didn't love me enough to buy it. After Christmas it was backordered and I wanted to wait until it went on sale, but when I decided to buy this other stuff I decided to throw in the jewelry tree too, and it arrived just a few days after everything else. I immediately untangled all my earrings and necklace that were in a heaping mess in a drawer, and artfully placed them on the stand. I'm hoping that being able to see my jewlery, having it on my desk in plain view, will encourage me to mix it up a little. The one thing I don't like about it is that most of the branches are too thick to hang my daintier earrings on, but otherwise it's fabulous.

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Laura Garner said...

FYI If you run a dryer sheet along the inside and outside of your clothing, it will really help to eliminate the static cling. It's also true for your hair...but it can make your hair kinda gross if you press too hard!