Monday, March 31, 2008


Are you maybe having sort of a downer kind of day? You know, it's Monday, it's raining, you're going to die a miserable failure all alone? I have just the cure.
Puppies you guys!! Sometimes when I'm bummed out I like to go hypothetically shopping for my hypothetical future life, which varies in shape and form depending on the day. Today I'm thinking, Young Adult Fiction editor living with my boyfriend John Krasinski on the Upper West Side with a rooftop garden and a cocker spaniel named Pemberley. And that cocker spaniel can't just go around naked (no, seriously! I know clothes for dogs seem totally lame and pointless, but it gets freaking cold in New York and if you have a little dog it'll suffer). And when J.Kras and I take it for walks in Central Park every morning it has to look stylish in case we run into Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates walking their puggle, Puck. Enter Crewmutts, J.Crew's mini-line of dog clothing and accessories, all exorbitantly priced and completely adorable. The anchor sweater, $55, above, is maybe the cutest thing I've ever seen in my entire life, and my hamster has babies once.

This Ivy Critter sweater, $60, isn't as cute, but I'm totally tickled by the fact that it's dry clean only. You would have to be out of your mind to buy a dry clean only sweater for your dog, and I like that. It looks a little less comfortable than the first sweater, but that's maybe because the dog looks kind of sad, like it has an awful stage mom who spends every second of her weekend trying to get her puppy into modeling shoots. But the little dog bones embroidered all over are pretty darn cute.
Aw, sleeping puppies! I've always wanted to buy a doggie bed, probably because my dog growing up was terrified of the one we bought for her and would never use it. I'm hoping my hypothetical future dog will be made of stronger stuff and will appreciate this madras dog bed, because if she doesn't that'll be a huge waste of $200.


Ryan said...

your dog was actually terrified of the bed? Or did it just not want to use it. Often times, especially in hot climates, I tend to see them lie on cement in the shade because it dissipates the heat better than a big pillow.

Julia York said...

She was actually scared of it! It was kind of squishy, like a beanbag chair, and whenever we would pick her up and put it down on it she would freak out and run away.