Friday, April 4, 2008

Seanick detour

I recently had a revelation that changed my life. It was only, like, three days ago, but the last three days have been really great. I ran out of shampoo last week and instead of picking up an overpriced bottle of the same old stuff from the grocery store, I headed to the Lush store down on Lambton Quay. I was immediately smacked in the face with the smell of a thousand bath bombs, but the girl there was very nice and helped me select the shampoo that would probably be best for my extremely dirty hair. Her favorite was Juicy, one of the liquid shampoos, but I opted for her solid shampoo suggestion, Seanick.


It is extremely blue. The Lush employee pointed out how it smelled like the beach, which was really not a selling point. As much I enjoy the beach, I don't want to smell like salt, seaweed, flotsam and jetsam, etc. But I chose Seanick and she threw in a sample of a conditioner called Veganese and a coupon if I wanted to come back to pick up a bigger bottle.

So I headed home and tried my new shampoo and conditioner, but there were no revelations just yet. I wasn't very impressed; my hair felt the same, maybe even flatter. Over the next few days I tried to figure out whether it was the shampoo or conditioner or both that wasn't working out for me. And then the revelation appeared unto me: DO NOT USE CONDITIONER. EVER. Seriously, why have I been using conditioner all my life? (All right, not all my life. I pretty much had no hair until I was three and a half.) I have baby hair that is fine and naturally straight. In the event of 400 percent humidity, it would not frizz in the slightest but just get weighed down instead. I really should not be washing my hair only to make it heavy and gross again with conditioner. Now my hair feels free and light and happy and shiny, despite the fact that it has rained seventeen times in the last week! Plus, I don't smell like a pier or anything.

I really need to buy this soap dish (or, I suppose, any soap dish). My shampoo bar is rather squishy and if you even think about setting it down in the shower, it will melt and disappear down the drain instantaneously. Which is why its currently sitting in a ziploc bag on my windowsill.

As for the rest of Lush's products, I am still recovering a bit from the Attack of the Bath Shit of 1999, in which all girls gave all their friends fragrant soaps (preferably from Bailiwicks) for every single birthday and holiday. But there are some tasty looking soaps here, including this Extra Virgin Olive soap which made my stomach rumble upon reading the description. Haagenbath for dessert!


Ryan said...

We have not met, but I have heard a few things about you from Julia (and if she's been doing her job, you should know a little about me) and I thought it might be appropriate to open conversation proper. My name is Ryan, I think we could be friends.
Anyways, I think it's interesting you chose solid shampoo, do you also prefer bar soap to liquid soap (or maybe even powdered detergent to liquid)? Personally, I hate bar soap (it might have to do with that I feel like I am never getting any soap from it), so I would be hesitant to try this solid shampoo And also, I wish I had hair like you describe. Mine waves and curls at the slightest provocation which drives me nuts.
Re: Olive Oil soap salad. I think the grapefruit is a little out of place. I don't think it plays nicely with the other flavors. If you want acid, I would probably recommend something a little less harsh, in the citrus idea, perhaps some mikan orange. Obviously, I have no idea how well an orange can clean and revitalize your skin, but then again I don't know how a grapefruit helps either.
And finally, Julia told me you wanted her to send tacos in the mail. Which is probably the coolest idea ever.

Julia York said...

I used to walk by a Lush store on the way to class every day in Prague, and it always smelled delicious. Also, a few Christmases ago my sister got me some Lush bodywash, but then it expired and went bad because it had natural products in it, and I thought that was really weird and sort of freaky. But I'm happy you're having good hair, and the Haagenbath sounds amazing, and just the word Balliwick's brings back all sorts of memories. Remember how Liz would always give those fizzing lotions for birthdays?

Andrea Winslet said...

Ryan, your publicist has been doing her job, so I know a bit about you too and agree that we could be friends (best friends if you can figure out how to mail me tacos). I'm not sure why I chose solid shampoo, since I prefer both liquid soap and especially liquid detergent. I agree with your bar soap assessment, but the shampoo is softer than a regular bar of soap so it lathers really well.

Fizzy lotion was the best out of all bath shit gifts! Even better than glitter lotion.