Saturday, April 26, 2008


So in just a few short weeks I won't be living with Danielle anymore, putting an end to a glorious semester filled with Vogue and Lucky, Sex and the City and Gossip Girl, Britney Spears and Beyonce, and almost daily sessions of, "Want to see what I bought?" "Yeah, go try it on!" It's maybe been the girliest four months of life, and I've adored it.

Just the other day I had an internship interview, and after freaking out about what I was going to wear and buying a $100 top at Anthropologie, Danielle helped me put together an outfit from clothes I already owned. I bought the top knowing that there was about a 98% I would return it; I was even willing to do the tackiest thing in the world, wear it, keep the tags on, and then return it. I've never done that, because I believe that it's one of those things that is just Not Done in polite society, like applying your makeup in public or smacking your child in front of company. Sure, you can argue that returning a top you wore once makes no difference to a mega-store like Anthropologie, but I think about how pissed I would be to find out that the top I bought, which I thought was brand new, had already been worn (and not washed) by a total stranger. Sure, there's no way I'd find that information out, but it's still the principle of the thing.

Here's the Anthropologie top I bought (and returned unworn!) in my fit of stress-induced shopping insanity. The La Rosarie tieback, $98, is certainly cute, but if I'm paying almost a hundred bucks for a shirt it better also be able to blow dry my hair for me or something. This one didn't even fit: the empire waist part hit above 3 inches too high, right across my boobs, and the bottom portion was so loose I could have been 6 months pregnant and still worn it (although, if I was 6 months pregnant my boobs definitely would not have fit). This is both the top's fault and mine, but I can at least defend myself by saying that there was a really long line for the dressing rooms and I didn't want to have to go get a different size and wait another 15 minutes to try it on.

This entry has sort of gotten off track. My point is this: in three weeks I'll no longer be able to flit around in various states of undress, because I'm going to be living with (gasp!) boys. Sure, they may not care if I want to spend an entire Sunday bumming around the apartment in the lacy slip I wore under my dress the night before (and was either too lazy or too drunk to take off and find real pajamas), but I care. And so, a certain amount of wardrobe revision is needed with this new living situation. What I've taken four paragraphs to say is, I need a robe.

I have a bathrobe that's really thick and heavy, basically a towel with sleeves. It's like 6 years old but I love it and I love putting it on after a shower so I don't have to get dressed right away. but it's so bulky that I never really want to put it on other than post-shower; if I tried to slip it on over pajamas I think the fabrics would get all twisted and uncomfortable. So what I want is a cute, light robe that I can throw on whenever I need a little extra coverage. There was one at Gap Body this summer that would have been perfect: really soft jersey material with thick stripes of navy blue and gold. I saw it and through, "This is something you would see on Greek," and I didn't even watch Greek then (do you guys watch Greek, on ABC Family? I highly recommend it, especially if you're actually in a sorority or fraternity). It just had a very collegiate vibe, which I dig. But unfortunately that robe is long gone, and Gap Body only has these rather boring short jersey robes, $39.50. I think I can do better.

Victoria's Secret has the Cozy Little Things short robe, $29.50, which could be cute. I would get it in a light blue and white stripe, since that's more my style than pink polka dots. But I'm worried that it's so fuzzy that it would be hot to wear it in the summer. In the winter it's more likely I'll be wearing sweatpants and hoodies around the apartment, so there's less of a need to protect my honor.

I like this Gilligan & O'Malley Eyelet Robe, $19.99, from Target. It's pretty simple, but the eyelet details on the sleeves are very sweet and feminine. I'm a little unsure about the bright white color, though; I don't want to be wearing it while cooking breakfast and get it stained egg yellow. On the other hand, it's cotton, so it'll be super easy to wash. But on the other, other hand, it would probably be see-through. Boo.

Oh man, I'd be so into this Hearts and Skulls robe, $24.99, also from Target, if only it weren't so cartoon-y. Some seriously menacing skulls alongside some seriously sweet hearts? That'd be great. But this print reminds me of Tom and Jerry, which is not what I'm looking for.

Speaking of fun prints, I'm sort of in love with this Nick and Nora robe, $21.99, in "Summer Cocktails." I'm guessing that, living with three guys, there'll be more beer drinking than appletini (light on the 'tini) sipping, but with robe I can feel like a Cosmopolitan drinking woman anyway. The print's a little busy, though, and I don't want to look like a walking drink menu.

From the same line, there's the Strawberries robe, $21.99. The full body shot isn't wow-worthy, but the close-up of the print might be. I love the little hand, and the lips are especially whimsical. Doesn't this seem like a great girlie summer robe? Too bad it only comes in an X or XX Large on the Target website.

In searching for robes I found this Oscar de la Renta "Expressions" chemise, $66, that I sort of want. I'd feel like the prettiest ballerina at the Nutcracker Ball while I'm sleeping! See, this is the exactly the sort of thing I want to be wearing under my robe.

I like this Old Navy Lightweight robe, $24.50, and it's "ballet slipper" pink so it would fit the theme. I like the short sleeves, and the cropped length might not be overly short. Pockets are also an essential quality of my dream robe. It kind of looks like the kind of robe you get in the hospital, though, right? There's something vaguely sickly about it.

Is this satin robe too "aging housewife desperate to prove she's still got It", or is it actually pretty cute? From Jones New York, this robe, $54, looks super smooth and slinky, and while I'm not huge into florals I'd be willling to give it a shot. You can't really see it in the photo, but there's a strip of pleated blue fabric at the end of the sleeves, which is a fun detail.

Oh, man, I want a ruby red cashmere robe. But this Arlotta ruffle robe is $215.99, and thus too much for something I'll never wear outside. Plus, a dry clean only robe is dumb.


lena said...

I have to be firm on this. I CANNOT justify a satin robe. My roommate now has one and it is insane. You are young, not middle aged, and you are not a sexpot (every night of your life). Pick something cute, fluffy, and normal PLEASE.

Ryan said...


pajamas, sleep shirt, robe, or capri set. What more could you need?

FuriousFeng said...

Hi, I was re-directed here from a Mindy Kaling Facebook group. She hasn't updated on things she bought that she loves in a while! I am so glad that I landed here where there are witty blog entries about shopping to fill my abyss of terrifying emptiness--especially during drought periods such as the past few weeks. Thank you thank you thank you!

I think the short cotton robe with the eyelets detail would be perfect for now, since the warm season is heading this way. And hopefully it's thick enough so it won't be see-through after all.

Julia York said...

Lena, I think you're right about the satin robes, they're a little too MILF-y for just bumming around your apartment. And Furiousfeng, I'm so glad you like our humble little blog! We pretty much started it to amuse ourselves in between Mindy Kaling posts, so I'm glad we could amuse you too.

And both my sister and Danielle liked the white cotton robe, and it went extra on sale to $16.99, so I think I'm gonna go for it.