Monday, April 21, 2008

Gossip Girl Returns!

It's been so long since there's been a new Gossip Girl episode that I can hardly remember: is this the show with the fugly cast wearing full-length prairie dresses and unibrows? Or is this the show with the ridiculously hot cast wearing tights and headbands and plaid skirts?
Ah, yes. Now I remember.

So in honor of the triumphant return of Blair and Serena, I thought I'd do a post of my favorite outfits thus far. I already wrote about a bunch, so click on the Gossip Girl tag at the bottom of this post if you want to revisit Serena's leather jackets, Blair's slip, and a few more.

Let's start with Serena, the "I rolled out of bed five minutes ago and threw this on and I look amazing, but you can't hate me because you're shocked into silence by the glory of my hair" sort of girl. She always manages to make her private school uniform casual, comfortable, yet totally hot. These over-the-knee gray suede boots, which I believe are from Chinese Laundry, deftly avoid the "Pretty Woman" association and seem totally appropriate for a young woman.

I could make a "Kate Moss called, she wants her style back" joke, but that's a lame joke and Serena is rocking this sequin minidress, by Tori Burch, as hard as any supermodel. No man stands a chance against Serena in this dress.

She's like a fricking wood nymph goddess creature, right? This dress could be too "I sell jewelry in New Mexico," but on Serena it's the perfect choice for the girl who has to attend an Upper East Side brunch, but isn't going to like it.

Now here's a few photos of Serena and Blair together. I love seeing them side-by-side to see how perfectly each's style fits their personality. I love the cityscape on the bottom of Serena's Vena Cava dress, and Blair's Lorick (the designer behind all the fake Eleanor Waldorf clothes) dress is so classy yet fun with the navy on yellow fabric. In case you're wondering, in this photo they're pretending to be tigers. Roar.

After that photo shoot goes awry, Blair and Serena have their own with more Lorick dresses. The belts around the waist, a little higher than the back of the dress so it lies on the skin, are the exact right touch to make these (probably tough to wear) dresses work. Also, I love this scene because it really fits the Blair/Serena friendship that was shown in the books; how, when they were getting along, they were in their own little world of adventure and fun and no consequences.

I know that the degree of freedom these girls have in their school uniforms is totally unrealistic, but that doesn't mean I can't wish I went to private school so I could wear Serena's Nanette Lepore cardigan or Blair's hilarious- yet-awesome bright red tights. I know that in real life I would wear neither over-the-knee socks or tights under formal shorts, but these girls are completely pulling off their respective outfits.

Serena hears "shopping in SoHo" and thinks jeans, tank, and whatever accessories are on top of her dresser. Blair hears the same and spends 2 hours deciding which shade of black tights best matches her dress, and wondering if the white headband and oxfords would be too much (and eventually deciding that no, they're just enough). And this is why I adore Blair.

She's even fierce when she's hanging around the house in her delicates! I would kill for this lingerie set, and to be as confident as she is wearing it.

Here's another example of what Blair considers casual wear. This Stetis dress (is it a romper? It might, but I'll let it slide) is deliciously over the top for a sleepover, with the cascading ruffles tiers. And instead of going simple to let the dress hog the spotlight, Blair piles on some chunky black necklaces and makes her outfit that much more interesting.

Here's a classic Blair take on UES school girl, with the vest, button down and skirt. It's both perfectly proper and "I will fuck you up if you step out of line." Again, why I love Blair.

Back at school, Blair does argyle in a totally different way. A Lamb cardigan with a sequined argyle pattern down the front and the sleeves? I love it! It's such a funky take on what can be a staid pattern. Plus, the ruffled shirt layered underneath counteracts the glitter and makes a bit "hot librarian."

I love this outfit because I see it and think, "I could put that together and pull that off." So, no, it's not the most off-the-radar fabulous outfit Blair's ever worn, but it is very classic and I adore that plaid Fremont coat.

This might be my favorite Blair fashion moment. It's Thanksgiving, and Blair goes all out with a Marc Jacobs dress, Trina Turk capelet, and Wolford tights. She looks like the most exquisite little doll, so pretty I can barely stand it. You go, baby vamp!

Gossip Girl returns tonight on the CW at 8pm Eastern. I can't wait to tune in and see what these crazy bitches are wearing now. If I missed any of your favorite outfits, or if you want to yell at me for giving no love to Jenny, that's what the comments are for. And if you want more GG fashion, the Gossip Girl Style livejournal community and this InStyle photo gallery are good places to start. You know you love me, XOXO.

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