Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Lust List

I like coming up with themes that tie together the different lovely things I post about here. Not only does it create a sense of order that appeals to me, I can imagine fabulous girls I've never met agonizing over, "What the hell am I going to wear to Diddy's VMA party on his yacht?", serendipitously coming across this blog, and averting a potential crisis.

But sometimes my bookmark bar gets flooded with sundry, crave-worthy things that just aren't related to each other. So, instead of rounding up a bunch of other things that I have lukewarm feelings for the sake of continuity, I'm going to break the rules and post about the things that inspire bona fide, red-hot lust. You might want to crack open a window before you keep reading.

Vintage Frank Usher Dress, $450
This Grecian-inspired dress from the 1970s, with its generous layers of slinky fabric, is the perfect thing to wear out to cocktails at a trendy bar in the West Village when you want to look polished but still be your fab, quirky-cool self. Or grocery shopping, whatever (yeah, I go grocery shopping in my silk dresses and 4-inch heels; I always get the weirdest looks, too).

Via Spiga "Osmic" Sandal, $185
Straps of gleaming pewter patent leather that hug the foot; a four-inch heel that enhances the figure. Unsurprisingly, the "Osmic" sandal is only three letters away from being "orgasmic" (yes, I had to go there).

Vintage Suarez Python Skin Clutch Bag, $415
The glammy, luxury-craving part of me loves clothing and accessories made from dead animals; the liberal, bleeding-heart part squirms at the idea of creatures having to suffer so I can wear them. The solution? Vintage python. Think of owning this bag from the 1980s as recycling.

Kiki De Montparnasse Muse Molded Bra, $250, and Demilune Thong, $150
Sexy enough to be shown off but streamlined enough to be worn under your basic button-down and pencil skirt. How much more versatile can your lingerie get?

Kimberly Baker "Amanda" Earrings, $108 (sterling silver) or $148 (18k gold vermeil)
These chain earrings strike the unlikely balance between toughness and femininity. Both delicate and substantial, they can be as easily worn with ripped jeans and a t-shirt as with your favorite LBD.

Norma Kamali Underwire Straight Dress, $325 $195
A second-skin, lingerie-inspired dress in a great lime color that you don't see too much. Throw this baby on, toss on some gold jewelry and some status shades, tie on your metallic sandals, grab your leopard-print clutch purse, and you'll be all set.

Vintage Pilot Sunglasses, $125
Can you tell I'm really into the 70s right now? These tortoiseshell sunglasses are similar to the generic Ralph Lauren/Michael Kors/Marc Jacobs type that everyone has but a little bit cooler.
In case you were wondering how to best accessorize your vintage fox fur trench and little blue dress a la Kate Hudson in Almost Famous, these sunglasses are your answer.

Elizabeth Cole "Jaguar" Earrings, $175
You aspire to someday have a jaguar in the garage; until that wonderful day arrives, settle for wearing them in your ears. These 24k-plated and crystal-encrusted earrings are fierce but not over-the-top (they're tiny at only 1/2" long) for those days when you have to tone it down a little (i.e. visiting the grandparents or attending your cousin's wedding). But don't be fooled by their diminutive size; they're still totally ferosh. Like you, right? Roar!

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lena said...

Haha the end got me. Totally ferosh, like you right? Roar!

I love the vision of the outfit you threw together for the green dress. If I owned any of those things, I would definitely do it.

Never fear, Danielle. People read this blog! Maybe I'm not going to Diddy's yacht party, but this blog singlehandedly sold me on t-strap sandals. I had less than friendly feelings toward gladiator sandals before you ladies. And I'm not the only one who reads.