Monday, April 7, 2008

Spring into Happiness

Okay, so this drizzly, grizzly spring weather has been getting me down. I don’t really get this whole April showers = May flowers equation, since it generally seems stray closer to April showers = May killer allergies here in Virginia. Not to mention I'm buried under a back-breaking, mind-bending, soul-crushing amount of work. But! Because I, like the other darling girls that blog here, am a creature of habit, the obvious solution was to start buying more pretty, bright, sparkily things to replace the actual solar entity.

In prepping for the return of Gossip Girl on the 21st (!!!), I’ve been rewatching some of the old episodes. I really don’t think I’m the only one who watches the show for the whole purpose of investigating what breathtaking combination of impossibly expensive designer clothes Blair is wearing.

I spotted these little gems:
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Woven leather chain headbands from Pulse, which run at about $22.50 on sale. It looks like they only have turquoise left, but don’t worry, because you can find one just like it made by Goody at your local Target store for about $8. Unfortunately, the website is completely a pain in the ass to navigate. I swear it’s there! I got it in black! It is Coco Chanel Classy! (I think part of the appeal, to me at least, is that the leather/ribbon woven into the golden chain reminds me of the handbags, and my vintage Chanel handbag is the crown jewel, nay, the holy grail of my entire wardrobe. When I have a bad day, I unwrap it from its little bag, lay down on my bed and clutch it, and suddenly the world is not such a dark place because Coco is with me.)

One of the interesting trends that I think might catch on (or at least I like—or would like better, were it not for my lovely little winter tummy pudge), is the excessively high-waisted skirts that Lauren Conrad has been sporting lately. Interlock High-Waisted skirt has a cotton/spandex waist and an A-line skirt that flows away from your body. TAKE THAT, TUMMY PUDGE!! It seems like it would be a fun choice for summer because they have so many colors to play with, and you can add a punch of color by changing the tank/shirt you wear it with. They run at $34.00. (Also, on a side note, I have no idea what’s going on with the models on that site—they sort of look like they just rolled out of a crack den and the bright lights are still dancing like little fairies in front of their eyes.)

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Finally, you’ll need some tunes to dance to when the sun does, in fact, return to bless us with its presence. May I suggest Vampire Weekend? I know it seems like I’m jumping on the bandwagon, but I’ve been playing this CD non-stop for two months now. The really strange thing is, I had to listen to most of the songs twice before I went fangirl. This is the product description on Amazon, since I can’t even begin to describe what they sound like to you:

This NY four-piece draw on their diverse backgrounds and interests, experimenting with African guitar music, the Western classical canon, hazy memories of Cape Cod summers, winters in upper Manhattan, and reggaeton. "Equal parts shruggy New York indie strumming and groovy Afro-pop, Vampire Weekend's organ-and-drum runs highlight narratives about relationships, punctuation, and sometimes both" - Spin. Named "Hot New Kids" in Rolling Stone's "Hot" issue.

I’m not even sure if that description is proper English, but I do thing it is reminiscent of a summer on the cape and winters in Manhattan (since, you know, I frequent both so often). If you want to listen to a few tracks before buying the entire thing I would recommend: A-Punk, Oxford Comma, and M79.

And with that I return to the land of revisions, where there is no happiness and pretty, sparkily things. Only bright computer screens and the roar of the cleaning lady’s vacuum.


Julia York said...

Oh yeah, LC is definitely rocking that skirt. I really love the American Apparel skirts that have the waist band in a contrasting color, like this one:

And yay, Gossip Girl in less than three weeks!!

Andrea Winslet said...

I care deeply about Oxford commas (getting rid of them), which I think hinders my enjoyment of Vampire Weekend. Such a good song though.

Ryan said...

Though it's kinda creepy stalker-ish (especially since we've never met), I think it'd be cool if you put up photos of you modeling the headband (since you own it. I would, if I did..but that just leads to all sorts of other problems). This is because it's hard to gauge how they really look on people from just hanging off that rack thing.

I'm indifferent to that skirt. It's not remarkable enough to evoke an emotion in either direction from me.

To be fair, Andrea, I think Vampire Weekend is in your camp (as in, "who gives a fuck about an Oxford comma [because they suck]").

Vampire Weekend has a good shot at top 5 of 2008, and that's saying something with some of the stuff that I anticipate (Colin Meloy, DCFC). Also, I just got around to reviewing this article (shameless self promotion) at cognitive frequency.