Friday, March 21, 2008

The Best Thing That Has Happened To Me Since Flats Came Back Into Style

Yes, it is true.

I spent a fairly good portion of my Spring Break trolling the aisles of Target and Walgreens to find this mysterious product my mother kept referring to as “those nail polish pens, you know, the Sally Hansen nail polish pens.” Needless to say, like the Fountain of Youth, I thought such a fantastic product would remain lost to me forever. Because, really, why would a cosmetic company ever be so adventurous as to make a product that’s 1) intelligent and 2) the equivalent of a middle schooler coloring their fingernails with highlighters.

My mother is the greatest conquistadora of all, my friends, because she finally found them!!

I received two Color Quick pens in my Easter basket, way down at the bottom. I felt like I had discovered that wee little pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, because let me tell you: they are freaking awesome!!!

I can’t be the only one that’s completely retarded when it comes to painting nails. I’m just awful at it. I blame the following: my weak left hand, my complete and total lack of patience, and, primarily, the fact that I never really screw the lid back on the bottle tight enough (thereby making the polish all goopy and ucky, for those of you looking for scientific terms).

But the Color Quick sticks (heh!) have a little brush at the bottom and all of the polish is loaded at the top. You click the Color Quick stick (hehe!) right at the top a few times and you’re good to go—it gives you just the right amount of polish to paint your nails, and not your skin. The first time you use it you’re going to have to do 3 coats instead of the recommended 2, only because you have to, shall we say, get the juices in that little clicky sticky going. They don’t have that many colors yet (hey, this is Sally Hansen, not OPI with their stupid witty polish colors like Don’t Melbourne the Toast), but they do have all of the basics. I just put the black on and it worked like a charm—and black usually requires a few more coats.

Great for quick touch ups, dries faster than you would believe, and looks lovely!

Sally Hansen Color Quicks: $7.99


Julia York said...

I want one! And then I want to bring it to class and use it when lecture gets particularly boring. Do you know where in AZ your mom found them? Also, I bet the white one would be especially good for giving yourself french manicures, which is one of those things that always turns into a shitshow when I try to do it myself.

Alexandra Hepburn said...

I think she said she found them in Target? Carlin and I were there this morning and she found the OPI version (under the Nicole brand), so I'm assuming they have it now!