Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Reading is Sexy

So there about a million reasons that I want to make John Mayer my husband. I found another one yesterday, when I read the interview he gave after winning the world's most prestigious award, Cosmo's Fun Fearless Male of the Year.

Cosmo: How do you know you're into a girl?
John Mayer: If I wake up in the morning and I don't want to get you a coffee or if I don't see you for a week and I don't want to go figure out something to FedEx you, then we've got a problem. You can fake the words I miss you, but you can't fake getting someone a book.

In my ideal, fantasy relationship, my boyfriend sends me (because he knows I love getting mail) a book he saw at Barnes and Noble (because he goes to B&N just to check out what's New and Recommended) and bought because he though I would like it (and it's not my birthday). Also, in my ideal, fantasy relationship John Mayer is my boyfriend.

I thought about posting about this in my personal blog, but then I saw something today that convinced me it would work in the shopping blog.

I had seen the "Reading is Sexy" t-shirt years ago when Rory wore it on Gilmore Girls, but a mug is so much better.

I'm a huge fan of mugs; I think they make perfect gifts for people you aren't extremely close to and souvenirs for yourself when you travel. Why is a mug better than a t-shirt or keychain? Because it's actually sort of practical, and you'll use it. I love drinking coffee (and by drinking coffee, I mean eating ice cream) out of my ArrDev mug or hand-painted Krakow, Poland mug because they remind me of how excited I was to first buy them. And really, who can be sad when drinking out of a Dundie Award Winner mug?

But back to the "Reading is Sexy" mug. Besides the fun slogan and bright color, it's also made of corn plastic so it's perfect for the environmentally conscious, slightly clumsy, English major in your life. Because honestly: reading is sexy. I'm not joking, when I see a boy on the bus reading Norman Mailer I want to ask him for his number on the spot. There were a lot of normal, logical reasons I broke up with the last guy I dated, but one of the huge ones that people might not understand is that I couldn't date a guy who didn't read. He could read (just barely, judging by the almost unreadable text messages he always sent), but he didn't because he was an idiot. And because he didn't read, he couldn't understand how important books are to me, and thus he couldn't understand me. He would see this "Reading is Sexy" mug and scoff, and I would have been like, "Yeah, please stop calling me at 2 in the morning when you know I'm sleeping."

Reading is Sexy mug by Sarah Utter, $12
Reading is Sexy t-shirt, $14.95
Dundie Award Winner mug by NBC, $14

EDITED TO ADD: I totally forgot that I had this photo that used to be the wallpaper on my computer and is now part of my screensaver slideshow:


Ryan said...

Have you seen John Mayer has a TV Show?
It's one of the reasons that I would hang out with him.
Also, who doesn't like mugs? Or at least eating ice cream?

Danielle Blanchett said...

i want john mayer to be my husband because he looks like THAT. oh baby.

Anonymous said...

hey, may i know where to get the "reading is sexy" mug?
its important to me..do reply. thanks so much (: