Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Socks and Tights

It rained today, and instead of being smart and wearing my clunky rainboots to class, I was dumb and wore my stylish but not-quite-waterproof leather boots. I got them so wet in the morning that I spent the rest of the day with damp soaks and cold toes, so the second I got home I took off my shoes and put on these socks from heaven.

Every holiday season, the Gap sells these soft sherpa socks, $9.50. Other places make similar slipper socks, but I'm loyal to the Gap for their fun Christmas-y colors and quality fabric. These socks will make your winter so much more pleasant-- I should buy like a dozen and put them in a basket by the door, so I can immediately change out of my regular socks as soon as I come inside. Last night, I couldn't fall asleep because my feet were too cold, so I got out of bed, put on these socks, and then slept like a baby. I have them in boring black, and I definitely plan on buying at least one more pair this winter, preferably a pair that makes my feet look like candy canes.

But I do need some socks to wear outside, and while this pair isn't exactly practical, it's damn cute. From Safe, these Ring Knee Highs, $15, are a sexy spin on a schoolgirl classic. You could wear them in a faux-sporty way, or in a super feminine way, like in the photo. I'm also digging the monochromatic thing, even if those platform shoes are way too much for me.

I already own a pair of argyle tights, but I bought some a size too small so I don't wear them too often. That's why I need another pair, like Simone's Argyle Tights, $25. The pair I own just has two lines of diamonds running down the inside and outside of my legs, but this all-over argyle pattern is very smart as well, and probably would be easier to match. It'll go perfectly with the "brainy but fun co-ed" thing I'm trying to rock as much as possible before graduation.

For the many (hopefully) holiday parties that are coming up, I'm tempted to splurge on Wolford's Fiesta Tights, $55. These metallic pinstripes are hot, and they'd be fun enough for a Crunksgiving party but serious enough for Christmas Eve dinner with the family. Plus, Wolford is what the Gossip Girls wear, so I'd know I really couldn't go wrong.

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