Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mod Cloth dresses

I've been meaning to post about Mod Cloth ever since the lovely Emily McAdams introduced me to it over the summer, but never got around to it. In the meantime, the Banana Split heels and Central Park bag sold out, breaking my heart. But there are plenty of cute, vintage-inspired, and reasonably priced things to cheer me up.

I want to get this Cookies and Cream Dress, $49.99, and then easily become the cutest girl in the office. I like dresses that create the illusion of being two pieces, since I am really bad at tucking tops into skirts. Either the waistband of the skirt doesn't fall at the right spot, or the top gets all bunched up when I move around, but either way it doesn't work for me. But this solves the problem, and lets me concentrate on flirting by the elevators instead of sneaking into the bathroom to rearrange my clothes.

There's another faux two-piece dress I like, with a name that I love. The Holloway dress, $49, is named for Mad Men's resident office manager/goddess, Joan Holloway. To be honest, I'm not sure if this dress is fierce enough for Joan, but it'd be great for any working girl looking to inject a little 60's inspiration into her day.

The Lady in Red Dress, $64.99, however, is 100% vintage bombshell. The nipped-in waist is very ladylike, and the fitted top is guaranteed to show off your curves. I also love the deep V in the back to show off some unexpected skin.

This Modern Flapper dress, $84.99, is a great combination of 20's style, with the drop-waist and pleated overlay, with a very contemporary racerback top and vibrant, deep teal. Perfect for drinking gin at a speakeasy or doing the Charleston with a gentleman caller.

Mod Cloth is calling this a dress, but it seems more like a tunic. Either way, the Honeysuckle dress, $49.99, has a very fresh print and shape. From the sheer blue hem to the bouquets of muted yellow flowers, this top is perfect for a day spent outside.

But back to the classy office wear: the Carmen Sandiego Dress, $139.99, is the sort of piece that works for both cubicle dwellers and criminal masterminds. The details of this dress are so spot-on: the little belt at the waist, the cap sleeves, gathered bust, and pleated bottom--it's all great. Pair this with some kitten heels and a smooth bun and no lowly intern or incompetent henchmen will dare question your orders.

I have one final cute dress with a kick ass name: the Cocktails at Lunch dress, $143.99. This is the ideal dress for the cute librarian who has to be coerced into going out with the rest of the teachers for happy hour, but once at the bar she whips off her glasses, throws backs a martini, and burns up the dance floor with the adorable shop teacher. And the next day, she's in the teacher's lounge looking fresh as a daisy, gracefully laughing off last night's shenanigans.

I'll be back tomorrow with more Mod Cloth, including coats and a cardboard deer head!

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