Thursday, October 16, 2008

Clodhoppers from Dylan's Candy Bar

I have some amazing news, you guys: Mindy Kaling has returned to blogging! She has a new web address and layout (which I'm disappointed in, because we picked the layout of this blog not only because it's clean and classic, but because it's exactly the same as TIBTIL), but it's the same hilarious shopping-related prose as ever. Check out the new Things I've Bought That I Love and then go buy something totally fucking dope.

In one of the last entries about sour candies on the old blog, Mindy mentioned the amazing Dylan's Candy Bar. This New York institution is perfectly located across the street from Bloomingdale's and down the block from Serendipity, and is basically the FAO Schwartz of sugar. My sister visited me this weekend, so we braved the screaming hordes of children to get some awesome candy. There were all the basics: chocolate covered raisins, all sorts of gummy worms, caramels and licorice and whatnot. And then there were clodhoppers. I've never heard of clodhoppers until this weekend, but they're now my craving of choice.

Clodhoppers are basically graham cracker clusters covered with your fudge of choice (I loved dark chocolate, my sister preferred vanilla, and I'm dying to try cookies n' cream). Sounds simple, but the combination of the two tastes and textures are practically magic. You can buy this lame painter's can of clodhoppers online for $14, but I'm dying to go back to the Upper East Side and just grabbing the big container off the wall and then eating nothing but clodhoppers for the rest of my life.

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