Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pre-Christmas Wish List

Is it too early to form my Christmas list? Probably. And it's very likely that everything here will either sell out or fall off my radar by December, but here's a list of things I wish someone would buy me nevertheless:

Despite my post about my search for a new school bag, I'm still using my beat-up old tote I got a year ago in Poland. But I want this Saddlery Buckle Bag, $58 from Urban Outfitters, to break me out of my purse rut. It's a good size, so I'd be able to fit all my folders and books inside, but it's not so big that I look like I'm running away from home. Also, as a former horseback rider, I'm a sucker for equestrian details. The rich brown color is also a big plus, especially since I think it'll nicely match my boots.

Also from Urban Outfitters is the Kimchi Blue Knit Lace Shoulder Dress, $58. I love how efficiently it sexes up the classic, girly baby doll shape by adding the sheer lace shoulders. However, I hate the back, because it's all, "Sorry ladies, no bras allowed!" I'm as big a fan as anyone of flashes of skin, but this is just unnecessary. Why couldn't they make the lace part end a little higher in the back so we would have the option to wear a strapless bra? Then everyone would win!

Fall is all about argyle for me, and usually it's J.Crew that allows me to gorge myself on those kicky triangles. But Victoria's Secret has these unbelievably cute argyle round-toe pumps, $59. These are perfectly sexy librarian, and the high wooden heel adds major attitude. I think I'd go with the black inside of the brown, because it's a little more subtle and thus more of a fun surprise when people take a closer look at your styling feet.

There's a moment in pretty much every Anthropologie when I flip the page and gasp out loud at the beauty of a dress. This month, it was the dress on the left in this photo. The Elding Slip Dress, $198, is a vintage dream. The details are so feminine and old-fashioned: sweetheart neckline, modest little straps, lace overlay, pleated empire waist. All of it perfectly compliments the particularly lovely color created by the gold filmy layer over the light blue twill. This dress wins "Most Likely to make it to my Christmas list," and maybe I'll be lucky and it'll go on sale by December.

On a totally different note, I need new running shoes stat and I'm partial to Asics. I used to be a Nike girl through and through, but those Asic-sponsored ads for the NYC marathon convinced me that if I'm going to be serious about running, I need Asics. What can I say, they're good ads! I love my current pair, but after a year and a half and countless miles, they've started giving me evil, painful blisters on the arches of my feet. I kind of like the GEL-Foundation 8, because the color scheme is, according to Asics, lightning/burgundy/rose! Yeah, you can tell that I'm not actually that serious about running since I still pick my shoes by their color. But I always say that the cuter the shoe, the more excited you are to put them on, and the more you wear them so the more you run.

It's getting colder by the day, but I'm very reluctant to post out my puffer jacket with the faux-fur hood, because once I do that it's full steam ahead into winter. I think I'd be more enthusiastic about the colder weather if I had this J.Crew Double-serge Tuesday trench, $199. I love cropped wool coats, because they keep you good and toasty but don't make you feel like you're bundled up at a Christmas caroling level. Also, the fantastic red color and classy waist belt make this so look so fun to wear with both casual and dressy outfits.

I really prefer not to patronize American Apparel, but I have to admit that this dress is cute. The Le Sac dress, $38, is another of their convertible dresses that can be worn any number of ways, from "pretty cute" to "dear god, that's both hideous and ridiculously slutty." The way of wearing the yellow version? Lovely! (Also, I think I'm predisposed to like it because the model looks like Rebecca from Greek.) The way of wearing the teal version, however? You're going to get people saying, "By the way, I can see your nipples," all night long. Plus, it makes the model look sort of dumpy. Who wants that?

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hollibobolli said...

That Elding Slip Dress is my fav this month too!! I actually found your blog searching for it, because I was looking to see if it was an Anthro only - the shipping is wearing me out!