Thursday, October 9, 2008

More Mod Cloth

Let's jump right into the cuteness with the Moroccan Trench, $89.99. I'm in love with the orange piping and high collar on this coat-- I would feel so coy and mysterious wearing it, like I was an undercover spy who must work with her ex-lover in order to infiltrate a coterie of Parisian intelligence experts. But even if I was just running errands on a crisp October day, this coat would add an extra bit of excitement to my life.

The Parisian Trench, $94.99, is a little bit less dramatic, but it has a "Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby" feel that could work for the right girl. The Peter Pan collar is fun and playful, but I'm not a fan of the cropped sleeves--they're good for rainy spring days that hover between chilly and warm, but for fall you don't need frozen forearms.

This coat is unabashedly girly, all lace and empire waist. The Baroque Brocade Coat, $74.99, is what I would wear on a first date with Prince Harry, in order to prove that I would be worthy for inclusion in the House of Windsor. Brocade is such a classic, so the traditional fabric mixed with the flirty cut results in a beautiful, feminine coat.

My final coat, the Mod Evening Stroll Coat, $114.99, has a more refined shape, but the daisy-print buttons and sleeve buckle add youthfulness. You really can't go wrong with a navy dress coat, especially one that looks like it would have been just as stylish in 1960 as it does today.

Moving on from coats, check out the Royal buttoned skirt, $34.99. I don't need to mention my love for all things nautical, so naturally I love this because it fits right in with my sailor-girl aesthetic. It reminds me of something Blair would wear on Gossip Girl, as she executes her schemes with military precision and long, long legs.

I realized after doing the John Krasinski/man cardigans post that I was totally remiss in not giving due to Pam Beesley and her adorable receptionist cardigans. Expect me to correct that oversight very soon, but in the meantime, Mod Cloth has the wittily named Winking Violet Cardigan for $49.99. This is totally a season 4 Pam cardigan, when she was wearing her hair down and glowing with Jim love, and no longer wearing drab colors and flat fabrics. The greyish beige color of this sweater is unremarkable, but it makes the violet buttons and ribbon totally pop.

Mod Cloth also has some fabulous shoes. I've never been a big fan of the Oxford heels trend, but the Literary Love Heels, $129.99, are a great spin on it. By taking the penny loafer and adding a chunky heel, Mod Cloth created a shoe that's both sexy and smart. I'd love to wear these with some dark grey tights and a pencil skirt. I just wish there was a little spot to slip a penny.

These shoes make me wish it was Valentine's Day: by Chinese Laundry, the Be Mine Peep-Toes, $43, are way romantic. The suede heart on the toe and patch on the heel are nice counters to the tougher patent leather, and the pleating on the sides brings it all together nicely. Personally, I'm not a big fan of the kitten heel; I find it harder to balance on a one-inch peg than on a three inch heel, for some reason. But the kitten heel does have a certain demure appeal that can't be denied.

These Darjeeling Express flats, $34.99, are more funky option. The pointed toe, perforated top, and big ass buckle across the toe are all fun and surprising, plus the great blue color is very eye-catching. I'd love to have these kicking around the back of my closet for those days when I'm running late for class but want to do better than my beat-up black flats.

One of my roommates always teases me for wearing belts with no purpose (although I'd argue that defining my waist in a looser dress is an essential purpose), but this belt is so faux-practical that even Alex would approve. The Hipster Holster Belt, $24.99, has two little pockets on the side to put some cash or ID or something. So much classier than stuffing those things in your bra, right?

Nothing pulls together a Saturday night outfit like a pair of dangling gold earrings. These Cascading Earrings, $12.99, are perfect for any sort of occasion when you want to seem a bit come-hither.

The Mint Condition bag, $39.99, is as simple and refreshing as a scoop of mint ice cream. The embellishments are simple: studded rivets on the side, braided straps. The color is the real star here, although I'd be terrified of setting it on the floor and getting it smudged or dirty. It's the purse equivalent of the new Cadillac your dad bought with his bonus, but then won't let anyone bring food or soda near it. That's why the name "Mint Condition" is so perfect-- the beauty of this bag is how flawless it is.


Sarah said...

So I know you just claimed to hate cropped sleeve coats.... but I just wanted to suggest that if you are totally bored someday and/or if you notice them as you are browsing for something you do like, would you use your divine wisdom to make a post about coats with cropped arms? I want one badly and I was literally mid-purchasing one online when they sold out of my size. :( I'm not a big online shopper and I don't have time to browse the Malls of suburbia... but I really want one. :( Just a suggestion! Love your blog. :)

Shop Therapy said...

Love all your picks! And we love ModCloth too! Check our our Valentine’s day contest judged by Gala Darling - it’s super easy to enter and you could win your dream outfit from ModCloth &!

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