Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Man Cardigans

I love men in cardigans. I also love John Krasinski. So imagine my delight at seeing this:
It's John Krasinski, rocking a man cardigan! Hot! And hanging out with Angela Kinsey! Cute!
Krasinski has a great "I may be a rising Hollywood star, but I majored in English at Brown" look, and cardigans fit perfectly with his style. You have to have confidence to wear a cardigan, because there's always a risk you'll look like a grandfather or an annoying hipster.

When in doubt, go J.Crew (I should get that tattooed backwards on my stomach, so I can see it in the mirror every time I get dressed). Every girl within 50 miles will be dying to snuggle with the guy in this cashmere cardigan, $248. Also, can I say that my feelings towards this J.Crew model are the same as Michael Scott's towards the chair model in the episode "Chair Model"? If I wasn't so afraid of looking pathetic, I'd admit that, based on how he looks in sweaters, I'm about 90% sure that this guy is my soul mate. If I found out that he was also an Olympic swimmer, I'd be about 100% sure.

This model isn't quite as cute, but perhaps more of a regular dude will inspire this blog's male readers (the few, the proud). The rugby-stripe merino cardigan, $89.50, is a more sporty option, good for those who want to avoid looking like Chuck Bass. The wide stripes in classic blue and black are a perfect compliment to the more adventurous cardigan shape.

Here's a cardigan that's similar to the grey one J.Kras is wearing in the second photo, and this cotton-cashmere tipped cardi is just $39. I'm a fan of cotton-cashmere blends, because they're a bit lighter (good for layering in the fall) and they're machine washable (good for when your mistress inevitably leaves a lipstick mark on your collar).

You might have noticed that all these guys are wearing cardigans over t-shirts, but there's a more dressed-up option. I wish I could find a photo that doesn't have this silver-haired model, but Grandpa will have to do. The solid cotton-cashmere cardigan, $49, is a classic option, and it looks even better over a basic blue button-down. This is a great casual Friday option, I think.

This isn't a cardigan, but as long as I'm adventuring through the men's department: I am in love with this sweater vest. The Auburn-stripe sweater vest, $39, is not at all twee or corny, like some ill-informed people seem to think sweater vests can be. It's just effortlessly adorable.

And to bring this post back to where it started: John Krasinski, you are an inspiration to men everywhere.


Lena said...

I saw a boy wearing a deep red cardigan today with a couple navy sporty stripes... he looked awesome.

Alexandra Hepburn said...

MAN SWEATERS YAYYYYY!!! I love John's style. Seriously. So much love for this post.