Thursday, October 23, 2008

Plaid Madness

So I know that it's pretty tacky to claim Lauren Conrad as a fashion inspiration-- her "designs" are boring and overpriced and she's certainly not breaking any new ground in her personal style. And yet, I have to admit, more often than now I see a candid photo of her and think to myself, "She looks pretty cute-- I sort of wish I was wearing her outfit right now." Lately she's been rocking these plaid/flannel shirts that I'm coveting, and she's doing it without looking like a lumberjack. Impressive!

I particularly love this Elizabeth and James Schoolboy top, which is unfortunately sold out on ShopBop but was like $250 or something ridiculous, so it's not like I was going to actually buy it. Check out the back, too: the darts keep it from being too baggy and add a fun, fashion-y twist to a staple. Also, I am lusting over her Chanel purse like a kid who was at fat camp for six weeks before escaping and finding himself outside a Chipotle on free burrito day (October 31st! I'm so excited!). The quilted black leather, the gold chain straps, the small interlocking C's-- classic perfection.

Here are a few more pics of LC rocking the plaid, first in a vibrant blue and then a more girly white and pink.

Surprisingly, Victoria's Secret has a really great selection of plaid shirts. This Classic Plaid shirt, $48, is a very Western take on plaid. I like the pearly button snaps, and I think the diagonal thick stripes are nicely slimming.

This plaid shirt, $58, has a totally boring name. Victoria's Secret isn't very good at naming their clothes-- has anyone else noticed that? Also, I get really annoyed when they have a piece in different colors, but only show you a little swatch of the other prints. Anyway, I bet the cotton flannel material of this shirt is totally cozy.

This Ruffle-Front Shirt in Plaid, $48, is a little more classy, and I love how they styled it with the high-waisted skirt. I'm a fan of the puffed sleeve with button cuff, and the small ruffles that avoid being overly prissy.

I was just informed that plaid shirts are very popular among Brooklyn hipsters-- probably too popular. I had no idea, but I should have known by the many plaid shirts on sale at Urban Outfitters. And this outfit is hipster-ness at its very worst: a shirt tucked into high-waisted shorts, over TIGHTS? I'm just glad the photo isn't full body, because this bitch is probably wearing a headband around her forehead and booties. But on its own, the BDG Flannel Button Down, $48, is a great basic plaid shirt.

This Cowboy Lovin' Flannel Shirt, $49, is very girly and sweet. I want to add that my ideal plaid shirt will definitely include snap buttons, so I can rip it open at dramatic moments (wearing a tank top underneath, of course). Like when Sex and the City went to LA and Miranda rode the mechanical bull in order to get in touch with her sexuality!

I love the tailoring on this Kimchi Blue Pintuck Plaid shirt, $58, especially the flattering empire waist. The subtle ruffles on the Victorian collar and the pintucking on the top also add some old-fashioned charm.

Just in case you're overloading on checks and stripes, I'll end with a plaid shirt/henley hybrid. From Free People, the We the Free Studded Henley, $118. It's perfect for people who like the look of layering, but are too lazy to buy things separately. I'm a fan.


Alexandra Hepburn said...

Man, I'm so with you on this. Forever 21 had a plaid shirt that was thisclose to buying, before remembering what website I was on. I'm pretty bummed that Gap hasn't put out a cheaper version for us...

covert5 said...

As long as you promise not to wear it as that nasty Heidi has been photographed wearing hers. Cinched with a wide belt (think 80's) and nothing--yes, that's right NOTHING under it. Like it's a dress! Oh yea and the boots she wears look like she has her pants around her ankles but..wait, she's not wearing any pants!! She scares me:(
Sorry to go off on tangent but if you google this I am sure you will see the repulsive Heidi.
I'm done.