Saturday, May 23, 2009

Star Trek Fashion for Ladies

If I wanted to be Uhura from Star Trek for Halloween (I'm still hoping to pull off a Dolly Parton costume, but it never hurts to have back-up), this is what I would wear:From Victoria's Secret, the long v-neck tee is just $15 and comes in a bunch of colors, including a very Star Trek-ian red and yellow. And sure, it's called a shirt, but I think it's long enough to work as a dress, especially considering that the original Uhura liked to show a lot of leg. I tried to find a full-body shot of Zoe Saldana in the Uhura costume for comparison, but all the promo shots seemed to be close-ups. The best I could do was the Uhura Barbie doll, which actually looks a lot like Zoe. The Kirk and Spock dolls? Not so much.

So, to recap: next Halloween, get this VS shirt, stick a silver pin on it, put your hair in a super high ponytail, pull on some sexy black boots, and set phasers to stunning (I apologize for that awful, awful pun).

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Alexandra Hepburn said...

This post made me happy in the best way possible! Love it!