Saturday, May 16, 2009

Converse Chuck Taylors

When I saw this photo, I had three thoughts in the following order:1. Goddamn, I would let Chris Pine do terrible things to me. Terrible, illegal things, if he asked nicely.

2. I need to go see Star Trek again, in Imax this time.

3. I want a pair of white Chuck Taylors.
I mean yes, obviously Zoe Saldana's red platform t-straps are to-die-for (although so intense that they scare me a little), and you know I'm a fan of all things girly and sexy and impractical. But Chris Pine's white Chucks are adorable and comfy, and I want a pair of my own to wear while bumming around the summer this city.

From Converse, Chuck Taylor All-Stars are $45 and will never go out of style. The only problem is that once I buy them, I'll have to get them dirty immediately because bright white Chucks are totally uncool.

I also like these seersucker print Jack Purcell Converses, $65. They remind me of something you'd find at J.Crew, so of course I'm into them.


Emily McAdams said...
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Emily McAdams said...

You would make Chris Pine ask? Hell, I'd say yes before he ever opened his mouth. Bonus points if he brought Zachary Quinto.