Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gap Chevron-Striped A-line Dress

I'm sure you all have a mental Sale Watch List: you know, the list of things that you want to buy just as soon as they go on sale. While this list often turns into a Wait, It Sold Out That Fast? List, I still refuse to buy clothes from certain stores at full-price, because I'm sure if I just wait a month or so the piece will go on sale.

Take this Chevron-Striped A-line Dress, $59.50, from the Gap. It looks a little bunch-y and ill-fitting on this model, but I tried it on in person and found it very adorable (although it does seem to run pretty large, so if you buy it online get a size down). I've always been a fan of pinstripes, and this dress does an admirable job of taking a menswear trend and making it ladylike and fun. Oh, and bonus: the straps are removable, so you can wear this to the office with a cardigan and feel perfectly appropriate, then ditch the sweater and the straps for a hot little going-for-drinks dress after 5:30 rolls around. So there are plenty of reasons to buy it, but as an unemployed young person trying to scrape by in These Trying Economic Times, there are more reasons to wait for it to go on sale. So please, Gap, mark this baby down quickly so I can wear it to movie nights at Bryant Park!

It also comes in a white and grey striped version, which may be more fitting for summer but didn't have the "wow" factor that I saw in the grey pinstripes. Your mileage may vary, of course.

I really like the sandals on both these models, but unfortunately, Gap doesn't seem to be carrying them (are they Piperlime? Probably, and Gap is missing a big cross-promotional opportunity by not linking to the shoes right on the page). But they do have some very adorable sandals of their own: these metalllic floral t-straps, $39.50, are a lot like the Miss Trish lion sandals I posted about previously, except with lightly distressed suede instead of shiny leather, and a fabric flower instead of a metal lion. These are a little more classier, and I'd almost guarantee that they'd last longer (both in terms of not falling apart and not going out of style).

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meleyna said...

That red polka dot UO bathing suit you posted about went on sale a few weeks ago. It was hardly a discount, but it was enough to justify the purchase in my own mind. I waited until later in the week to make sure I could afford it, and ALL THEY HAVE LEFT IS THE BOTTOM.

Seriously, the world hates me.